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Father’s Promise is for you!


The book of Acts or the Acts of the Apostolic Church begins with a statement about Luke’s former book, the gospel of Luke. This is...

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Quench Not the Spirit : Intimacy with the Holy Spirit

Theological Discussions

Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is not just something we talk about in theological circles. It is something that every believer practices. It...

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William Durham and the impact on Pentecostalism

Assemblies of God, Azusa Street, Church History

Most of us know the names like William Seymour and Charles Fox Parham but another leader that you might not know about is a man by the name...

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What the Vineyard churches taught about community : Broken state of the Ekklisía of the United States


I am a Pentecostal. I will never deny that. However, I also am open and minister in the other streams. Having grew up around Metro...

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Why I am leaving the Prophetic Movement

House Keeping, Revival, Uncategorized

I have been part of this thing that critic call the prophetic movement. It is a group of people who believe that God speaks today and...

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My problem with Bethel Church!

Faith Message, Revival, Theology

Bethel Church in Redding, California is amazing and I love a lot of what comes out of there but I am not a blind dog that takes everything...

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