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Why does the Azusa Street Revival matter so much today?

Azusa Street

I hear that the modern Pentecostal movement has lost sight of its roots. The Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles was not the perfect storm...

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Brass Heavens: Life for William Seymour before Azusa Street Revival

Azusa Street

A lot of people have rosy views of Azusa Street and think that William Seymour got off the train and revival fire feel on the spot. This is...

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When the Kingdom comes: Expect repentance in 2018!

Prophecy, Uncategorized

It is a little after noon in Manila, Philippines on New Year Day. 2017 is gone and we welcoming 2018. With that comes new expectations for...

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Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook, and offense

House Keeping

I noticed over the last few days that Jeremiah Johnson, a speaker who travels a little bit and tells churches how happy he is they give...

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Church of God (Cleveland Tn) all about theatrics?

Ecclesiology, Revival

The Church of God (Cleveland, Tn) is a very interesting group of people. They are a Pentecostal movement that came around the same time as...

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Bethel Church is New Apostolic Reformation? : In defense of Bill Johnson and Bethel Church

Assemblies of God, Bethel Church, Church History, Ecclesiology, Heresy hunters, Revival, Theology

There is a reason that I support Bill Johnson and his ministry. It is not because I think that Bethel Church is beyond correctness. I have...

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William Durham and the impact on Pentecostalism

Assemblies of God, Azusa Street, Church History

Most of us know the names like William Seymour and Charles Fox Parham but another leader that you might not know about is a man by the name...

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Dr. Tim Hill claims revival is about to break out in the Church of God (Cleveland)

Church of God, Prophecy

Dr. Tim Hill claims in an article on Faith News Network that revival is breaking out in the Church of God. What we have on our hands is a...

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Valley of Dry Bones: A discussion of Perry Stone’s theology

Prophecy, Revival, Theology, Uncategorized

I was looking around Youtube a week ago and found an odd video of Perry Stone, the Church of God evangelist based in Cleveland, Tennessee...

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What is the Marks of the Apostolic?


The Apostolic is a hot topic in alot of churches what is it and what are the marks of the Apostle? The truth is I am not even sure if...

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