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Church membership : What should be required of members?

Assemblies of God

There has been an ongoing discussion among Pentecostals in both the Assemblies of God and the Church of God just what should be required of...

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Pentecostal Theology: the historical value of the fundamental truths


It is not too often that we look at how the Fundamental Truths came about. We know that these 16 statements formed what we now believe to...

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The Coming Pentecostal revival : Why I can’t give up on Pentecostalism

Prophecy, Uncategorized

I hear people lining up to tell me, “the Assemblies of God is dead.” What they really mean is the Pentecostal movement is over...

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Pray for Dr. Doug Clay

Assemblies of God

Paul (we believe) wrote in Hebrews that we are to pray for our leaders that give us the Word of God and imitate the faith they have....

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7 Cities of Refuge in the Coming revival :)


We hear a lot about cities of refuge for immigration in the news and even California becoming a state of refuge but do you know the concept...

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Church Growth or Holy Revival? : A response to Darrin Rodgers

Assemblies of God, Church History

One of the people I listen to is Darrin Rodgers. He is the general editor of Heritage Magazine, the mouthpiece of Flower Pentecostal...

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Statement of New Apostolic Reformation