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Why I support Berean School of the Bible!

I love the concept behind Berean School of the Bible run by Global University. It is an amazing idea that helps people get a quality ministerial education even if they work full time somewhere that there is not a Pentecostal bible college.

According to their website,

Berean School of the Bible (BSB) is our adult continuing education program. As such, BSB courses do not earn college credit but do earn continuing education units.

The good news is because you are not earning college credits, you are not paying the price of college tuition but you are still getting a very good education.

I graduated from Berean School of the Bible

I took a few months and really focused a few years ago and completed the Bible and Doctrine course that they offer. It is focused mostly on biblical knowledge more than actual ministry. It seems that most of the ministerial studies courses were aimed at pastors, not evangelists.

In order to get the Bible and Doctrine degree, I had to take classes on Christology, Acts, Epistles, Hermeneutics, New Testament, Old Testament, Romans, Pentateuch, Poetic Books, Corinthians, Bible geography, Pentecostal Doctrine, Prayer, Systematic Theology, and Eschatology. It is a lot of study. Don’t fool yourself!

It worked very well for me as I could study while traveling around the world as a missionary and all I needed was an internet connection to take the exams. I have to say that Berean would be very good for a missionary, not matter if they are Assemblies of God or not.

How much does Berean school of the Bible cost?

It is currently $86 a course which is not bad. That is per course, not per hour which would make it closer to what would be $30 per credit hour. I would suggest doing a course per month. That makes it affordable and you can really learn a lot from your bible school experience.

You can basically get a bible college education for about $1,400. I did it all in about two months but I also had a bible college degree beforehand so that made it a lot of easier. I would suggest trying to do it over an 18 month window for most people.

Once a year, everyone gathers in Springfield, Missouri for a graduate with Global University. This is normally hold at James River Assembly in Ozark, Missouri. It is a great time to hear stories of every people in ministry and get to know many of them. I now minister for some people I meet at graduation from Berean School of the Bible.

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