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Supernatural Weight Loss is of God?

supernatural weight loss

From time to time, I hear people talk about supernatural weight loss. This is where the power of God will make you loss 10-30 pounds of your weight in a minute at the altar under the anointing of someone who carries this mantle. I believe in the supernatural, mantles and mandates. However, I have to call supernatural weight loss what it is: non-sense!

One of the people involved in this was a young evangelist named David Herzog. He is a little interesting to put it lightly. I like the guy but he has some ideas that are just, well out there. This is one of those ideas. I am not throwing stones at David or saying he is a heretic. I just think he goes a little past scripture in some things.

Alot of these odd ideas came out of people who followed Ruth Ward Heflin. She talked alot about what she called “the glory realm.” In fact, she wrote a few books about having a glory revival. Revival Glory was one of the first books I read on the subject when I was in my late teenage years. Many through her ministry at Calvary Pentecostal Campgrounds in Ashland, Virginia promote the concept still to this day.

If you are interested, you can click here to get her books for free.

Supernatural Weight Loss works?

I have been in the meetings. Someone such as David Herzog tells a few testimonies of people getting miracles and then tells some bizarre stories from history. Most of them being through the ministry of healing evangelist A.A. Allen. After the story time, they call people forward to receive prayer for the anointing to have supernatural weight loss.

People come up there and they stand and receive prayer. They wait for the power of God to come and take their extra pounds away. They wait longer and still wait. After so much time, they go back to their seat wondering why they didn’t get their miracle of supernatural weight loss.

I was a speaker in a conference where this went on. I sit on the front row with my jaw dropping. I am not sure what any of this has to be with the great commission or the bringing the knowledge of the Lord to the nations.  I really don’t. I sit there and just said to myself, “God can love on people and do it in ways that I wouldn’t. Maybe he wants to restore what the locust has eaten!”

In the end, I waited for my time to minister and ditch my message on divine healing (Acts 3:6) and preached a strong rebuke. The purpose of miracles are to confirm the gospel. If your miracle ministry is not pointing people to the bloody Savior on the Old Rugged Cross; you have lost your biblical reason for miracles to exist in the New Testament. Being a Pentecostal is not a freakshow or a circus with a little Jesus thrown on top. As Wimber would say, “Let’s keep the main thing, the main thing.”

A strong rebuke from T.L. Osborn

One man in evangelism that I really respect is T.L. Osborn. He is considered to be the grandfather of modern evangelism. He went on record about the charismatic movement saying this, “We preach faith, destroy hope and ignore love.”

One problem I have with the supernatural weight loss thing is that leaves people void of hope. I have no idea what is going through these people’s emotions when they go forward in faith for a miracle and walk away without losing their desired weight. They are already very insecure about their image to start with and now this prayer time probably just finished off their self-esteem. It is sure to leave people broken to put it lightly.

I have traveled with Randy Clark from Global Awakening to South America. One of the first things that he tells people when doing ministry is you might not see everyone healed but you can see everyone loved. If people are walking away from the altar with more bondage than they came with, something is seriously wrong. I do mean seriously wrong as well.

It does not matter if it is supernatural weight loss, a miracle, or whatever else it is; if people are walking away from the ministry time with more hope than they came with; it is a failure. Period.  Hope is what the presence of the Holy Spirit does. Without hope, we are nothing and will be nothing.

The answer to supernatural weight loss is simple

I know many do not want to hear it but the key to weight loss is not found in a prayer line but found by buying (and using) a gym membership. There is no quick fix to getting in shape. God will help you but you have to do it. Moses had to lift the rod before God would part the Sea. David had to pick up the rocks before God would take out the giant. The natural thing is your duty. Doing that is what opens the supernatural provision to you.

It is watching the goodness of God bless you for your hard work as you labor to see what you desire for your body. If you have a goal of being 200 pounds and you are at 250; work towards that goal. It will take steps and in those very step, you will find the goodness of God is hidden.

You should also realize that the answer to your problem might not as spiritual as you think. It might be the natural one: burn more calories than you take in, watch your sugary foods, and increase your fruits. I know that is not some prophetic revelation but most times, that is the answer to people needing to reduce their weight.

Am I standing here telling you that I am an example of how to be in perfect shape? Hardly. I have been in shape, I know hard works is what it takes and I know I need to put in that hard work. What I am saying is doing the hard work is getting your supernatural weight loss alot faster than some prayer line.

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