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Street Preaching: Effective or Annoying?

Well, I have been thinking about Street Preaching. I was in Calapan, Mindoro last evening and saw a team preaching and it was a little upsetting to be honest.

Before I get into that, let me say this: I love Street Preaching. I have done some of it in Fiji and even a miracle crusade right on the street in Brooke’s Point, Palawan once.

There is a place for it if done right. My problem is I see so much of it done wrong. You can’t annoy people into salvation. It does not work that way.

Street preaching for profit

Here is where I fall off the wagon. If you want to preach, go for it. It is biblical. It is ethic. It is missioal. However, do it for the right reason.

What I see way too many times is one preaching and another walking up forcefully blackmailing people to give money.

When this happens, it is not ministry anymore. That is called business. We need to call it what it is. Old fashioned for profit business. Capitalism for Jesus.

Nowhere did Jesus come along and tell his disciplines to go work the crowd and get a quota of X dollars (or pesos). Not once. Never.

Street Preaching does not have to be mad

The other problem I have with street preaching is everyone doing seem to think God is pissed at everyone and He can’t want for the bowls of wrath to be unsealed. That people going to hell makes Jesus get all worked up with excitement.

If you want to stand out there in the heat and yell, knock yourself out. However, can you please at least deliver a biblical view of the gospel, please? Believe it or not, God is a good mood.

Ok, my rant is over šŸ™‚

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