Azusa Report is the stories of you and me. It is the passion of Pentecostals for Holy Ghost revival. We exist to see what the prophets have been talking about for a century calling end time harvest or Stadium Christianity. The purpose of this website is to kindle the fire of revival and to tell stories of great breakthrough past and present.

The story of Pentecostals have read much like the stories of the Israelites of Old Testament times. They are faithful to God’s promises, become captives of a foreign nation, be free and return to God and repeat. The same could be said of Pentecostals over the last 150 years.

We have cried for revival, seen it come, walk in it only to end up captive by our own pride and pet doctrines like sanctification and Oneness. The worse (and most deceitful) of them all is doom and gloom. After a decade or so of lukewarm Pentecostal Christianity, we repeat the process for revival.

It has been the cycle that has happened. It started with Topeka and later Azusa Street. Within 20 years, there was a need for another revival through Aimee Semple McPherson. By the late 1940’s, another wave of revival was here in what people called the healing revival. This pattern of fiery revivalism followed by spiritual apathy has been our story and, in all likelihood, will continue until the end time harvest.

Revival Defined?

I know that many people have just as many ideas about what is and is not revival. I want to be very clear about this. Revival is not a bunch of church services with a special speaker. It is not even just having service after service that is emotionally charged. Both of these are common misconceptions.

Revival is the manifestation of God’s visitation to humanity which is initial evidence is large scale repentance, divine healing and profound deliverance. The ongoing evidence of true revival is that it organically spreads to the broken and the downcast within the region.

If a church is claiming to be “in revival,” the questions to ask yourself should be: Is there people repenting of sins? Are there undeniable displays of divine healing? Are there demonic spirits being cast out of people? Is it being in the harvest in the community around it or just touching church people?

These questions will easily tell you if a church is seeing true revival or just having a bunch of meetings. These are the very questions that Azusa Report ask when there is an email of a move of the Holy Spirit in name a city, America. In most cases, the answer ends up being there is not revival happening but rather just emotional charged meetings.

The days of a move of the Spirit touching people that travel for days to get to the meeting but people down the road have no idea what is going on and calling that revival are coming to an end. If the revival does not touch the neighbor and close down the town’s pub; it is not true revival in a biblical sense.

Why I love revival?

Some might think I am burning for it too much. I have lost friends over it. I have lost good friends from my bible college days. You know people I met at a school for “training up Pentecostal preachers and missionaries.” I am willing to lose relationships before I will back down on what I believe about the end time harvest. For me, the line is drawn in the sand.

My own journey into faith started in revival at the Brownsville Revival in July 1996 under the preaching of Steve Hill. I was radical converted (not a decision but a convert!) when I came to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as Savior.

I thought that what was happening at Brownsville in Pensacola was normal for all Pentecostal churches. Sadly, it was not even close to the average experience. There are pockets of renewals happening here and there but nothing like what God was doing at Brownsville.

I went to other renewals such as Toronto and what was happening in Smithton, Missouri but it was not like what God was doing in Pensacola.

In the midst of all the revival in the 1990’s, God branded me by fire for the end time harvest and I have committed my life for the proclamation of the gospel and the preparation of true revival in the hearts of the saints.

The heartbeat of this website is that we must get back to the core of our values as Pentecostals which is Holy Ghost revival. God will rend the heavens if we rend our hearts. This is the burning message that I hope every article get across to people. We need true revival and we need to be making true converts.

I have seen what is possible in revival. I have foreseen in the spirit what is coming. When Stadium Christianity breaks, it is going to bring in the greatest harvest we have ever seen. We are going to see millions come to saving knowledge in a matter of months and a lot of them will be people who were deacons and teachers in our churches. They were decisions but they were not converts.

God is training up people who will cry for revival when no one is looking. They will pray for awakening where there is no prayer meeting called. They will sing about miracles where there is worship gathering. It is easy to burn for revival in a conference. It is not as easy to burn in the midst of backsliders. That’s the condition of the Pentecostal movement in America.

The good news is the day before the end time revival starts, it will be as plain as any other day. It won’t be anything special. We will probably be just as discouraged wondering if revival will ever come as we are today. However, we are just one Upper Room experience away from changing it all!

Azusa Street Connection?

Do I have some special or spiritual connection to the Azusa Street revival or any apostolic succession to William Seymour? I do not and to be honest, I think apostolic succession is not biblical. You have to get you own anointing for yourself. There is no freeloaders in the Kingdom of God.

Geographically, I was raised in Kansas City that was in revival before Charles F. Parham even met William Seymour in Houston. The roots would trace back to the Topeka Outpouring more than Los Angeles if we use that as the measuring rod.

However, many Pentecostals and most Charismatics point to Azusa Street, not Topeka when they discuss their heritage. Even those who have roots in the mountains of North Carolina admit that most see what happened at Bonnie Brae as the real beginning of Pentecostalism in the 20th century.

When I was naming the website, I wanted something that would tell what we were about but that people would connect with out history. Azusa Street will quickly be images of the revival that happened in 1906 that changed the course of Evangelicalism, especially in the United States.

It was not a prophecy. No angel showed up. I didn’t have a dream. All I had was a word that people connected with revival from times of old that I wanted to remind people that if God is still God, He will still pour out His Spirit. That’s it!

I was trained up in the Assemblies of God that came out of the fires of the Azusa Street revival but there is no apostolic succession that comes from going to one of the bible colleges. If you want to know the truth, most of that teaching and related generational curses are even biblical. Every person starts at the same place: a sinner in need of a Savior.

I was led to Jesus by Steve Hill that was mentored by Leonard Ravenhill that was mentored by A.W. Tozer and Smith Wigglesworth but I do not have any claim to any anointing by Wigglesworth because Steve Hill was a major player in our my conversion.

In the end, it is called Azusa Report because it is about Pentecostal revival which people think of when they hear the word Azusa. It is about reports and studies so it is called the Azusa Report. It is really just that simple.

One indirect hope is that from this is that people would study the events that surrounds the revival in 1906 again. It is important that every person in a Pentecostal or Charismatic church know their roots and most of them point back to 312 Azusa Street in Los Angeles.

If the ongoing dialog about the outpouring over a century ago makes people research it, it will be a blessing that I did not really think of when naming the website but could see the impact that would make on a new believer in a Pentecostal church.

Spirit Break Out

We are committed to keeping a focus on revival in the Pentecostal movement. If there is rumors of God moving; we will ask the hard questions. If it is truly a move of the Spirit, we will open tell everyone it is a revival. It is just a bunch of meetings with emotional charges; we will say so as well.

Azusa Report has a presence as different denominational conventions such as the General Council of the Assemblies of God and the General Assembly of Church of God (Cleveland, Tn). While much of what goes on is boring church business, it is important because these discussions change polity in our churches that could pour gas or dirt on flames of revival.

If there is a major conference that could be catalyst for revival in the land, we will try and have a presence of some form there. We have attended many of them at IHOPKC and Bethel for example.

As the team of people helping the website has grow over the last few years, more of these can be covered. I can not cover many of them due to my geography location. It is a blessing to have others at these conventions, events and outpourings to help me understand what is happening in them.

I firmly believe that when the heaven opens, the ceiling of expectation is endless. The only thing that will stop wholesale revival in our churches is our polity; not the desire of Heaven.

Thank you, Lord!

One of the things I know that the Holy Spirit does not have to come and touch us, change us, and transform us but He does it every time anyways. He does not have to heal broken bodies but He does. He doesn’t have to set drug addicts free but he always does.

The Holy Spirit does not have to come into our churches or our meetings and manifest His presence but He does it anyways. He loves to come to touch us in real and changing ways.

When the Spirit shows up, everything changes for anyone who wants the move of the Holy One to burn away their addiction, habits and past. One second in the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit will do more than twenty years on the couch at a therapist.

When He comes, everyone will be on the road to Emmaus crying out,

Did not our hearts burn within us?