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Steve Gray’s untold damage

I have known for some time that about this. I knew that Pastor Steve and Kathy Gray had wounded alot of people in Smithton, Missouri. The Smithton Outpouring was amazing but don’t fool yourself, there was alot of man in the movement as well.

Some of them even hold that moving to Kansas City and re-branding as World Revival Church of Kansas City was an attempt to provide some discsti to the wounds that he put in people’s lives while in Smithton, Missouri.

One thing we do know is he moved to Kansas City, closed the church in Smithton, left dozens of families without a church home, all in order to build himself a “big ministry.” This is hypocrisy at its’ highest level.

While I would agree with others that the lucky ones were the ones that couldn’t move to Kansas City; they got delivered by the control and manipulation of the Jezebel spirit that is Steve and Kathy Gray.

Steve Gray leaves the people he wounds

Back in 2001, Christianity Today wrote an article about how some of the people got wounded by Steve Gray just picking everything up and moving to Kansas City, about 60 families followed him blindly. 32 families did not give up their lives for a mere man.

Many of the people that stayed back were disillusioned and disturbed. They lost their church in a town that there is not too many options to find a Spirit filled option to worship. My guess would be they ended up quitting church all together or they drove up to Sedalia to worship.

One of those members, according to the article, said, “”We wanted more of God, unfortunately, we surrendered our lives to a movement and a man’s revival.” Let those words settle: surrendered lives to a man’s revival. The Smithton Outpouring and later World Revival Church was about Steve Gray and his “revival.”

True Revival heals the broken hearts, not wound those who can’t be used. Smithton was a town that was used, abused, then left for brokenness. An old friend of mine in the Assemblies of God from Sedalia told me to not attend meetings because Steve Gray had never repented from witchcraft. I did not take it serious but looking back; I have to agree.

What is really concerning to me is Steve Gray blames the people who didn’t buy into his teaching for leaving. According to the article, he said, “They were disgruntled before the move, and that played a heavy role in the decision to move.” Wait a minute? Are you blaming the people who are hurt for being the victims? Do you blame the one who is raped or the rapist? Think about it!

I remember going to the meetings where Steve Gray would preached the cloud was moving and everyone must follow the fire. The problem with his teaching is we are not the Israelites and we are not living in the book of Exodus. We must remember the Cross changed it all! 

Steve Gray is too big for tiny Smithton

We determined that we couldn’t grow in the middle of nowhere.

Those are the words of Steve Gray. He did not care about the presence of God falling on people; he cared about having Steve Gray Ministries. The focus was always on him, his ministry, and his future. The people were merely supporting cast.

While the logical thing would have been to moved the services to much larger Sedalia that has many large facilities that are only use two week a year, (It is the home of the Missouri State Fair) buying an old K-Mart was the mind of Steve Gray. He was worried about building his ministry, not building the Kingdom of God. Moving to Sedalia was to close to people he had wounded and he couldn’t build an international following.

The land in Kansas City on View High Drive was paid for by members of Smithton Community Church that he wounded to build a ministry. Almost a half million dollars of it in all. That is not how the Holy Spirit moves, Steve and Kathy Gray.

Another interesting thing is 80% of the leadership of Smithton Community Church did not relocate and was left out in the cold by him. If it was really God, wouldn’t all the leadership hear the same word from the Holy Spirit? 20% did and 80% did not.

Douglas Galey, a former deacon at the church went on to say, “I didn’t give money to build Steve Gray’s kingdom.”

Steve Gray and his Kingdom?

A Kingdom is a politically organized community or major territorial unit having a monarchical form of government headed by a king or queen. In order to have a kingdom you have to have a political community, a center leader, and a strong legal system.

Steve Gray does have around him a very strong political system that are loyal to him with their lives. These are the people who moved to Kansas City. There is no question that he is the center of the kingdom and the legal system is there. Question his rule and you will be removed from the kingdom and his ministry. The stories of people excommunicated from World Revival Church are many.

According to the article, Steve Gray thinks, “The move was the smartest thing we did, there were some individuals along the way who wanted to go back to another lifestyle. But those who have grown have maintained their enthusiasm.”

As I read that, he believes that if you did not follow him blindly, you was backsliding and would setting yourself up for spiritual failure. This is nowhere close to biblical. Not even close. The Holy Spirit does not live in locations; He lives in hearts. God moved where people are hungry.

I went to the meetings in Smithton and dozens of them when they was in Kansas City. I remember the gospel tent. I remember moving into the building, building the second building and begging everyone to build the House of Hope and Healing that hardly is even used.

I remember the Smithton Outpouring.  

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