Special need for laptop!

Special need for laptop!

Latter Rains, soon to be Azusa Report, is very effective soil for the harvest. This website has been viewed in every nation of the world, including North Korea and Iran. Our teachings are read by over 50,000 people a month.

This is a harvest that I do not even know all the testimonies about how an article has impacted some person in China or encouraged some pastor in Arkansas.

Currently, we are getting thousands of views a month from Tanzania, Nigeria and Jamaica. These are nations that I can not be in right now but because of the website, I am mentoring believers in the things of the Holy Spirit.

Below is the most recent month’s report; it was “only” 32,845 views from 184 countries.

Why I need a new laptop

I use work on computers for a living and my last laptop was bought second hand in March 2015. It was a Asus X75VC and I have to say it lasted for about 18 months without problems. The last few months have been replacement after repairs. However, it lasted much longer than much laptops last someone in missions in a extreme environment like the Philippines.

All things considered, I have been quite impressed with it and it might me want to try another Asus laptop to be honest.

I need a laptop that I can write articles to impact the nations, do work for the ministry, and increasingly do web design for small ministries in the United States that can’t pay much for services.

Asus AIO seems to ticket

They have an oversized tablet that you can connect a keyboard and mouse to  and it seems to have everything that I would need. It is powered by Intel i5 technology, 8GB of Ram and has a 2GB video card.

As I travel a lot within the Philippines, I end up on a lot of buses and ferries. This would enable me to study the Word but also use my study tool like my bible software while passing the time.

It will also be useful for when I need to use academic research or explain Hebrewic roots where I need to look at the original languages from the pulpit. Packing dozens of theological books around the Philippines just does not work.

How much is needed and where will I get it?

I have found a refurbished system on Amazon for $447. This is cheaper that most other system in this class due to the model being last year’s offering. This normally be cost over $700.

Once I order it, I will have it delivered to the Philippines using Johnny Air, a Filipino company that ships people products from America as their core product. It will be here within a week for around $50.

Below you can donate using our new giving partnership. It is secure and has no fees. You can give whatever the Lord leads you to give.

Help Peter get a new laptop to reach the nations with the gospel. 



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