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Smith Wigglesworth & living Pentecostal!

I was looking through my Kindle this morning and found an old book that I have that is nothing but the teaching of Smith Wigglesworth. I remember when I was at Central Bible College in Springfield, I would read these messages every morning after reading my bible. It was read a chapter of the gospels, a chapter of Acts and a chapter of Smith Wigglesworth. It was a great system to have.

I can’t say that I still do it but I still love the teaching of the Apostle of Faith. His boldness was unreal. He would for sure offended most people today in our political correct churches. I don’t even think most most Pentecostals could handle good old Smith in their presence.

He did not really reason out anything. He is known for saying, “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” No reasoning out the bible, just believe it and receive it. Oh, how many churches need this raw faith based on the promises of God. We would not be the broken mess we are now if we just took God at his Word like people like Smith Wigglesworth and John G. Lake did.

Smith Wigglesworth is a model for Pentecostals

If there anyone that was a great example of what it mean to be Pentecostal, it was Smith. He lived to cast out devils, heal the sick and is known to have raised over a dozen people from the dead. He even raised his wife from the dead. (She wasn’t too happy about it, either) He was the simple plumber from Bradford, England to dared to believed in the power of Holy Spirit!

One of the concerns that I have is the Baptist look more Pentecostal than most of the Assemblies of God and Churches of God that I have been to in recent years. That is pretty bad when you really think about how far many “Spirit filled” churches have fallen!

What is this Smith Wiggleswoth study about?

I am going to talking about some of the messages Smith Wigglesworth gave in the 1920’s and how they apply to us today. I believe there is nuggets that we can apply in every believer’s life. We will see how long it goes. It could be a week of study or a month. I am putting no timeline on it.

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