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Smith Wigglesworth and Divine Healing

Smith Wigglesworth is one of my heroes of the faith. He was the real deal. He lived in faith. He preached with faith. He prophesied out of his faith. He was the man. I find it hard for people to not like the guy. He is everything a Christian should be.

I have all the messages that he preached and I read them like I read my bible. I read a chapter of the gospels, a chapter of Acts and a message of Smith Wigglesworth every day. I walk away from my time of study full of Jesus, action and faith. Is there any other way to live the Christian life?

You see, when you understand that church history is not about mere facts and dates but mantles and mandates; everything changes. The study of the history of revival has creative and prophetic power to produce a testimony in you.  It is like the dead bones of Elisha in Kings.

Let me ask you one question: If the same Holy Spirit lived in Smith Wigglesworth lives in you, why can He not manifest the same miracle anointing through you? If you are willing, the Holy Spirit is willing. I know that much for sure. Just step out and walk on the water with Jesus in your measure of faith.

Smith Wigglesworth believes in healing

Many churches, including Pentecostal ones, have backed down from divine healing. While some churches, namely the Assemblies of God, claim that healing in integral to the gospel; they do not preach on it or actually hold that healing really is part of the gospel. Most Pentecostal preaching denies the atonement in practice…even if they believe it on paper.

Salvation is for all, Healing is for all. Baptism of the Holy Ghost is for all. Reckon yourselves dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God. By His grace get the victory every time. It is possible to live holy. He breaks the power of canceled sin, He sets the prisoner free; His blood can make the foulest clean, His blood avails for me.

In December 1919, Smith Wigglesworth gave those words as his closing remarks to a congregation in California. He was very clear: healing is for all! It is not secondary to the gospel. It is part of the message of the Cross.

The problem that I see is many do not understand the finished work of Jesus on the cross. The same blood than saved you is the same blood that heals you. If it saves, it also heals. If it saves, it also delivers. I wonder if the issue with our lack of healing in many Pentecostal churches is due to our flawed soteriology.

We have tried our best to become for “seeker sensitive” and that means taking healing out of the gospel because it might offend someone. It might make them think we are….well, Pentecostal.

I think this is to our shame. Healing as part of the gospel is who we are as a people and it is our message to the world. We should proclaim it boldly.

One thing I learn from Smith Wigglesworth

You cannot raise the dead if you cannot get a cold healed. It is just that simple. He did not raise two dozen people from the dead, including his own wife, until he saw many healing first. Healing ministry requires and produces faith. Every miracle you see makes faith for the next miracle easier to believe God to move. We really do go from faith to faith and glory to glory.

I remember as a kid hearing the term, “Everyone gets to play” that was popularized by John Wimber of the Vineyard movement. It is true. Everyone has the same creative ability to walk in the miraculous as Benny Hinn or Reinhard Bonnke has. All it takes is risk, step out and get started.

I have several friends that are professional athletes in the National Football League. They did not get there by providence. They got there by busting their butt from the age of six every day in practice and growing in their ability to perform in their chosen field of profession.

Faith works the same way. It grows from experiences and practice. I did not start out “reading people’s mail” and seeing limps grow out. It started out with getting words wrong and seeing people I prayed die. It was in those failure, I started to find success in the supernatural.

Recovering trial and error to the Bride

I remember a discussion that I had with Steve Witt, the pastor of Bethel Church in Cleveland, Ohio. We was at a leadership meeting at John Arnott’s church up in Toronto. As the discussion went on, he talked to me about reviving the trial and error in the people of God. He said that people need to know it is ok to try and do something big for God and fail. It is healthy.

I have developed the same position about all I do in the ministry. I will step out on a limp and not mind being a complete failure. I would much rather try and fail than never try anything for God.

This seemed to be also a hallmark of the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth as well. He would take great risk. He was known to backhand the devil out of people and even kicked a man out the door of the church….literally. He was bold and God backed him up.

We need more people that will take great risk and be radical proclaimers of God’s healing power like Smith Wigglesworth. Pentecostalism is too tame these days and we have lost much of our foundational revelation in the process….all in the name of political correctness.

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