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Seeker Sensitive Churches & Revival

We hear alot of people blasting seeker sensitive churches but I think we have things a little backwards.

Seeker don’t just look at something for a few minutes then move on. They seek and seek until they find what they are looking for. They do not quit seeking until they have what they were seeking. To that end, we must be seeker sensitive. However, we must rethink our definition of what it means.

Seekers will be in the prayer meetings until the church has to lock the door. Seekers will drive the classroom next to them nuts by praying in tongues for hours on end. Seekers will line up in the handicap space at Wal-Mart waiting for people so they can heal them.

Damon Thompson, a prophet of the Lord, talks openly and honestly about the type of seeker sensitive churches that we must embrace in this hour of church history.

Seeker Sensitive or Crowd Sensitive?

My mother grew up in a town along the Iowa border called Hopkins, Missouri. It is home to North Nodaway Mustangs, a diner, three churches and miles upon miles of corn fields. This town is so small you can walk across it in five minutes and still not break a sweat.

Many of the people are loosely related to me and most of them are farmers. My grandfather retired from Peeve feed in town that served the farmers after forty years.

I am not one of them but I did learn a thing from them in my visits to little Hopkins. The harvest is not determined by how much is in the barn or taken to be sold; the harvest is determined by how much is left in the field. The success of a church is not determined by how many are in attendance on Sunday but how many are not there and on a bobsled to hell.

In the same way, a seeker sensitive church is more worried about their mission than how many butts then can put in the chairs on Sunday.

“The mark of a great church is not its seating capacity, but its sending capacity.” – Mike Stachura

We don’t want you godly, we want you good

Most churches are more concerned with making sure you are a good citizen and a positive representation of the church you attend than they are that you are growing in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

We are more concerned that you are in community with each other than in communion with the Holy Spirit. This will only come to kick out butt in the end but we still teach it from countless platforms across the country.

Most churches in North America and in the large “free world” look little different than a Alcoholics Anonymous meeting with some videoke before we start.

A Seeker Sensitive church does not care who amazing you think your co-worker or your Sunday School is. They are completely vertical with Heaven. All they want is “On earth as it is in heaven.”

Is it time to re-think what a seeker looks like?

If you can tell, I am not a fan of Rick Warren and Bill Hybels. I do not want a purpose driven church or for us to have our best lives now. I want a power driven church that has its most anointed life now.

It will not come easy but it will come if we will actually do what we believe. We know Acts 2 on paper; isn’t it time we live the power of Pentecost to a dying world around us.

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