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Roy Fields is Heaven’s Psalmist

I believe that worship leader Roy Fields is harbinger to this generation. I do not know him well on a personal level but from what I can see from a distance, I like. He is very spiritual without much religion.

I will never forget when I got a call from a friend that revival was breaking out in Lakeland, Florida. The message I hear was “Get here. Revival is in the land. Bring it!” The only problem was I was in the middle of extended meetings myself in Oklahoma. I told the pastor to take the meeting and that the heavens was open.

I got the next flight out of Tulsa for Florida. I landed with an issue: I kindly knew Todd Bentley, I did not really know anyone else besides Roy Fields. I did not come to have a platform ministry in the revival and I knew that God would call in the big boys of revival if this went anywhere. I was there to cry “More, Lord!” It was refreshing more than anything to be honest.

What I loved was the meetings was about signs, wonders, and miracles. I had been preaching revival meetings for the last three weeks and preaching Brownsville Revival style meetings are great but I missed the crusade type meetings that Todd does.

Roy Fields, the worship leader

I knew Todd Bentley well enough to know that God was moving inspite of him, not because of him. I did not know him super well but I knew there was issues with him personally and that there was serious doctrinal issues. Yet, like William Branham; he will allow God to use him. He knows how to host the Holy Spirit.

What was gripping to me was the worship by Roy Fields. This guy didn’t care about being Micheal W. Smith or being the next Third Day. He really just wanted to sit at the feet of Jesus. He didn’t care what was going on in the “Kitchen of the revival.” He just wanted to be at the feet of the Lord. It was refreshing. If you want to see revival, get a worship leader that doesn’t care about being famous.

He could worship for hours. He had an anointing for it like few I know. He reminded me of Lindell Cooley in the Brownsville Revival and Rick Pino. They are just psalmists and do not give a rip about “ministry.” I knew that if the worship remains there; the masses will come to the meetings. In Brownsville, the worship would just draw drug addicts and they could not explain why. I knew Todd was no Steve Hill and God will make up the difference. The worship was there.

Every revival has its sound. The sound of revival will create a rhythm of heaven over the region. It opens the heaven over churches, neighborhoods and cities. All we need was the sound to get this thing going. We had that and Roy Fields had his heart right where it needed to be.

When we have the sound of revival come in agreement with the rhythm of heaven; the roar of the lion of the tribe of Judah will send waves of renewal to a nation.

Roy Fields as a preacher

One thing I know is most worship leader can’t talk. They are lost without a keyboard or guitar in their hands. They do not have much ability to preach. However, I can’t say that about Roy. He has the same heart when preaching as he does when he is worshipping. He can bring the message from the heart of God.

To be honest, while I love Todd, I got alot more from the times I hear Roy speak. Todd brings the presence of the Holy Spirit. That can be never discounted but Roy could bring the message from the heart of the Father.

He came with a very unique message that was critical to the Bride of Christ. I saw the breath of the Holy Spirit on him and I knew that God was raising up a man to be a voice, not an echo before my eyes. It was fun to watch to say the least. God is cool like that!

I watch God raised him up and when I felt it was time to get out of the revival and prophets were calling me right and left to get out of Lakeland; I prayed that Roy would be sparred from the judgement of religious spirits.

Roy Fields made it out of the wreckage

A week after I came back to Kansas City to get ready for some revival meetings in Mexico; all hell broke loose in Lakeland. I knew it was coming. Everyone in the prophetic that was not directly connected with Todd was saying that crap was about to hit the fan. I knew a little about it in the natural but not much.

Todd was put on the cross and killed. Many people were faced with having their whole ministry destroyed or deny the presence of God. I was not in the eye of the people at all while there so I did not take the hit they did.

Roy was not taken on the altar like most was and he actually raised out of the ashes to soar. He is like a Phoenix in the old Greek mythology. Run with Fire Ministries really kicked off and it was Beauty from Ashes. His ministry has only grew from there since. He is now all over the christian world….. TBN and all.

As far as everyone else, they recover from what the enemy had planned. Todd Bentley is back in ministry and seems to be doing alot better and a lot more grounded in the scriptures. He is still hosting the Holy Spirit like he always did but more solid in his theology. That is good. I love angels but angels are not the gospel. Jesus did not die for them. He died so the redeemed of the Lord could say so.

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