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Resurrection Seed? : Thoughts on Rod Parsley’s key teaching

Rod Parsley is a powerful preacher and one that still believes in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. He is one of a handful of televangelists that will stand for biblical Soteriology. However, like most of the television preachers; he does have his marketing nonsense.

Seedtime and harvest is a very biblical teaching. It is also a very abused teaching. If a ministry is using the world’s system of fundraising; seed time preaching is perfected for that purpose. The problem is that God is against guilt trips and manipulation that runs thick with strong prosperity preaching.

World Harvest Church just outside of Columbus, Ohio has historically been one of the churches that has a strong emphasis on the message of prosperity. It also has proclaimed things such as apostolic succession and easy to get impartation. In that list of questionable teachings would have to be the home for resurrection seed.

Preachers that stand up with a special revelation about prosperity that is not clearly laid out in the New Testament need to be questioned. Rod Parsley is far from the only one doing this. The names that could be mentioned is a who’s who of TBN and Daystar.

Resurrection Seed?

He claimed that about 30 years ago that God spoke to him that if the people would bring a special offering to the church, that miracles in their lives would happen. These include everything from debt cancellation, physical healing, restored relationships, and deliverance for loved ones. However, there must be a seed for that harvest according to Rod Parsley.

According to him, the Holy Spirit told him,

“All year long, you give 10% and live on 90%… This year, see what I can do when you give the whole”

The problem with this is really two different issues. One of them being the Holy Spirit is going to heal more at this time of the year. If that is true, we must also believe that the Holy Spirit must heal less the rest of the year. It is clear that it is always the role of the Spirit to bind up broken hearts and mend broken bodies.

The second issue is related to the fact of one’s must give a week’s income to the church. There is never a price tag on what God will do. God did not “tithe” his son to humanity. He gave His son for humanity. When people understand this key difference, they will walk is much more freedom when they hear this slick marketing promotions that are more fitting for the Democratic National Convention.

It is important that believers to see this for what it is really is: marketing. The Holy Spirit will heal you on Easter but He will heal you on every other day of the year too. The Spirit will set your son on drugs free but He will do that all the time as well. There is no connection between giving and healing. Both are biblical but one does not rely on the other.

Rod Parlsey vs Apostle Peter

It might seem old news but there is a story in Acts worth looking at when addressing these slick preachers who love the offering more than the altar call. It is the story of the Apostle Peter and a scorcer named Simon.

Simon was known through the land, especially in Samaria for his magic. We know that large groups of people would gather for see his acts. He actually marketed himself as “Great Power of God.” He had the following, the mailing list and would have a great television program in modern terms.

One day, he went to Peter and offered him cash in exchange for impartation. He wanted to have the baptism of Holy Spirit that could be transferred on people as part of his magic show.

The response of Peter was very clear and profound,

May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money!  You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God.

While some might think (I do as well) that Peter are a little in the flesh in his reply, the reality is that trying to “buy a miracle” is wrong, sinful and is against the whole of scriptures. The blood of Jesus is more than powerful enough to set the captive free and fill you with the Holy Spirit. It is freely given but it was paid from by Christ at Golgotha. You can not buy what has already been freely given.

For more on this exchange between Peter and Simon, check out Acts 8:9-25.

Restoring Biblical giving

The truth is that we are to give finances to the church so that they can be a light house on a city on the hill proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ. However, there is nothing more abused in the church that the issues of giving.

There is no special blessing connected to sowing in the ministry. We do not give for our greatest need; We give for His greatest need: the harvest of souls. Giving is a question of how much do we burn for sinners to be saved. Prosperity has always been and will for the purpose of the harvest; not the American Dream!

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

The biblical model is for people to give whatever they believed God led to them give without any marketing hype such as people like Rod Parsley use to fund their massive ministries. We are not called to be pressured into giving to ministries.

I can not find any scriptural evidence that we are to tithe in the New Testament. We are to give whatever the Spirit speaks to us when He speak to us and how He speaks to us. In the Old Testament, only the prophets and priest could hear the Spirit. As such there was a need for a standard. However, we can all hear the Holy Spirit today and we give what He tells us.

I firmly believe that we should give for the harvest but there is no connection between your finances and your healing or deliverance. The blood of the Lamb (Jesus) is the currency of Heaven!

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