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Rick Joyner might be right but probably not!

I believe in the prophetic! I love the voice of God flowing through people. I was raised around it. However, I have learned to hold some of the voices at a distance. Rick Joyner is one of those people who I have a “wait and see” view about.

Don’t get me wrong. Rick has a powerful ministry and he does some amazing insight into current events. His thoughts on what God is doing through the natural things is normally pretty much right on the money. However, when he starts naming names and dating prophetic words; he tend to get in big trouble. He is good with themes, not dates. To be blunt, he is operating outside his capacity.

I have been in many meetings with him and he is a great speaker. I always enjoyed him and I believe he does carry some revelation about the power of worship. I would not take everything he says as “thus saith the Lord.” This is especially true when he starts to talk about Eschatology or the studies of the Last Days.  He does not believe in the Blessed Hope for example.

I am not telling you to not read his stuff. His articles are great as something to consider and add understanding to what you already know. I would not go changing my doctrine quickly based on some teaching of Rick Joyner either. I would trust him for sound theology about as much as I would Alex Jones.

Rick Joyner believes revival and Panthers brings revival

I would laugh if it was not so serious. He believes that Bob Jones saw black panthers coming to Charlotte and they would bring revival to the lumberyard. This is about as screwy as the my former pastor, Mike Bickle saying the royalty of heaven would be poured out because the Royals won the World Series. Prophecy is not about our favorite sport teams, people!

It would be like me giving a prophetic word that Floyd Mayweather would destroy Manny Paquio because skills will overcome brute force that there is a precision anointing being released on believers. You would laugh, right? No less than what we are seeing with Rick Joyner. Correct?

The problem I see is Rick lets his personal values get “God told me” way too often. He has threw that stamp of his views of politics, faith, and economics way too many times in my opinion. This is when he starts to look like a real fool too. He is walking outside his capacity to understand.

This is why I take what he says “prophetically” as about as serious as I take what Cindy Jacobs “sees in the Spirit” as from the Lord. There just has been way too many red flags to actually trust them to be right on. I know that might be hard to take but it is what I see. Rick has “God told me” on the Super Bowl and Cindy is trying telling Filipinos who the next President will be. I trust neither.

Even Todd Bentley thinks it is foolishness.

I was on Facebook and saw a comment left by Todd on a mutual friend’s status and it really hit home after the craziness with Rick Joyner.

Todd is right on this one for sure. God is still on the throne and the great end time harvest is happening. We are living the gospel. Like him as a person or not, you have to admit that his comments is right on.

I find it weird that someone like Todd has to give a word of correction. Todd is an amazing evangelist but far from a great theologian. The stuff coming from Morningstar lately is just that clear out in left field.

I personally find it very disappointing and this type of thing is what makes the prophetic look like the pathetic.

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