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Rich Witmer leaves G12 Philippines

The whole concept of the G12 Vision and G12 Philippines is heresy but it is not something that I really give alot of thought about. However, I have known for quite some time that whole thing was a time bomb waiting to go off.

The problem with this type of programs is they look good on paper but working on paper and working in real life are two completely different matters. In the end, the G12 vision became spiritual control, blackmail, and down right witchcraft.  The leaders of it are using it to build their kingdoms, not the Kingdom of God.

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A pastor from Yuma, Arizona has been coming to the Philippines alot pushing the whole idea of G12 to the pastors and their people. It become a full blown cult in the country actually. That pastor is Rich Witmer.

He is a very authoritative leader who has had caused quite a list of issues in Yuma among the churches. Many pastors consider his teachings to be witchcraft and occultist.

In my personal opinion, applying the 7 ways to identify a cult by Mike Bickle; his ministry would be clearly on their way if not there already. This is concerning at best.

Rich Witmer has rejected G12 Philippines

I do not know the background or the backdrop for what happened but I did notice the following post on Facebook. I do not follow him much but people do ask so I went and looked,

I am finished. G12 Philippines, you are on your own. I have given my best. I am truly sorry that I failed to protect you in this day of testing: I leave you in the capable hands of the Holy Spirit.

G12: I officially renounce my relationship with G12 in any capacity.

I renounce my relationship with Pastor Cesar Castellanos. I will continue in the strategy I learned in Colombia (that they no longer practice). But I will no longer acknowledge Pastor Cesar or his materials. I will honor him and never speak a negative word about him, but I am no longer in any relationship and I am no longer in covenant to pray for him and his family.

This is very interesting as he used to pimp out Cesar Castellanos as his spiritual father. He has rejected much of the G12 vision finally (or it seems) and he does not want to connected with Castellanos spiritually. He does not even want to commit to pray for him.

However, what really grabs me attention is that fact that he is renouncing any relationship with G12 Philippines. It was Rich Witmer that bought this nightmare to the country and now he is sick of it. He has been like a man that knocks up a woman that runs around from the child.

I am not really that interested in why it broke down. I have personally seen the ego of Leo Carlo Panlilio from Destiny Church in Quezon City. I can only dream of the among of egoistic leadership they had working together.

G12 Vision is not about Christianity, it is about politics

The vision of it at its’ core is to use Christianity as a platform to get control political of the nation. They have been trying to political post for quite some time. I do not believe one of their members is now the mayor of a town. It is the start of their political goals.

What is downright unbelievable for me is the support they gave Rodrigo Duterte, a man with serious views that are not in line with the New Testament. I am not getting into his politics but killing people without trail and encouraging communism is not the will of God. This is in no way being a defender of the poor.

I can not believe that Rich Witmer did not know that pastors such as Leo Carlo Panlilio was openly promoting this and giving their full endorsement of him. I even heard of G12 Philippines hold prayer meetings that he would be elected.

The point is this: we are dealing with a political party in the making, not a movement about the great commission. The use of Christianity is a way to gather the people, control them and make them loyal to the forming party.

This is not the first time in history that this has happened. It will not be the last. Many parties have formed like this. It is believed that G12 has done the same thing in Colombia.

What about Witmer’s personal life?

While I could be the next guy to pick up stones and throw them; I won’t. Mercy triumphs over judgement. I do not know the story of why there is a “scandal” in Generations Church or why he has divorced his wife. It is concerning but I just do not have the facts. I have seen God work things out and people get remarried (to the same woman). That could happen here.

My concern with him has always been, and remains to be, about the spiritual control and overly authoritative leadership that is happening in G12 Philippines. It is taking that “prideful Filipino ego” and encouraging it to level that are rated as insanity. All humility is lost and it reminds the people of martial days with President Marcos.

To be fair, most of my exposure to Rich Witmer is via the way of short message I have heard and my dealing with others in the G12 Philippines movement. I have not met him and never spend time with him. I can not say how he is with people off the platform. Everyone is different away from the pulpit to a degree.

It is my prayer that he will return to the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. He will start to preach eternity again and not use the faith for political means. I do not believe the Holy Spirit is done with anyone that includes Rich. I believe the operative word here is personal freedom!


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