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Was Rich Mullins was a prophet or not?

Rich Mullins

Rich Mullins gave us Awesome God and he was a legit psalmist but was he a prophet of God. Some people say that he was for his generation and other just think he was a cutting edge worship leader. Let’s look at a few things about him.

What grabs me about him is how theological some of his songs are. They were not the “Come to Jesus to get rich” stuff that was so popular in his day. He was declaring humanity and humility to a people that were more led to be arrogant and call it “faith.” There is a depth to his worship that few have.

However, being theological in your songs does not make one a prophet. We also need to remember that a prophet might look different than the other prophet. An example of this is Paul Cain has a very different message to the Church than Leonard Ravenhill had to the people of faith.

Here is an example of Rich Mullins giving a strong word to people.

Rich Mullins had the ability to cut in people

Many in the Christian music industry said that Rich was very intense and it would shatter their ideas on scripture often. He would cut through the surface of modern church culture and get to the heart of the matter which is faith in Christ.

As I listen to this clip, I see the spirit of the Lord on him declaring that God does not any taste and that God is not cultured as many Christians are. It was a prophetic reminder that Jesus was not an American evangelical that was rooted in the Christian right movement.

One of the callings of a prophet is to burn through the trash on the surface of our spiritual lives to get to the heart of humanity. This is without something that Rich Mullins did with great effectiveness.

Prophet or prophetic person?

In the New Testament, we read about prophets, prophetic people and normal people giving prophetic words. Many giving prophetic messages that are not prophets. You can even receive words from the Lord often and not be a prophet. That would be a prophetic person but not a biblical prophet.

The truth of the matter is there is many prophetic people and few prophets. I have known few prophets that truly walk in the fullness of that calling before the Lord. To be honest, there is a fagime of prophets in the American church right now.

As far as Rich Mullins, I do not believe that we can make a biblical case for considering him a prophet of the Lord but he was for sure a prophetic voice to his generation through song. In the end, I don’t think he cared about which he was; he just wanted to hear God and tell the world what he believed God showed him.



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