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Revival Haters Abound : Demonic activity on the rise!

Over the last few years, I have seen an increase in revival haters and in the last few months another increase that took it to another level. However, in the last few days; there seems to be another increase of demonic activity by revival haters doing things to slander the revival message that I carry and when they can’t take out the message… they for the messager.

To be honest, the message of Holy Ghost revival is not about me. I could care less about it. I do not care if people know my name or even send me money (I know the revival haters think this is about donations). Azusa Report was established for the proclamation of revival and to give reports when stories of outpouring. These pastors and atheists (oddly enough) come together to fight the message with all their being. When they can’t stop the Holy Ghost revival message; they take aim at me.

In recent days, the level of slander and gossip against Azusa Report has recent very high levels and there is one thing I know in the Pentecostal church: the more the devils comes messes, the more the Lord about to be blesses!

The funny thing about haters

There is something I have noticed about these haters that they all have in common: they do not know why they hate Azusa Report or me. They throw around the same wild claim people threw around a decade ago. They have no real current reason to hate me. It is based on “what about in …..” They have no revelation of what it means to “under the blood” or the power of forgiveness.

They never can tell you why they hate the message of revival or even me. They can’t even tell say who they really are which is odd. These atheists and pastors work together to be destructive against the message of Holy Ghost revival but in the end, they will fail. Many over the last century have wanted to take down revival and they always failed. These pastors and devils worshippers will as well.

The message of Holy Ghost revival will live on!

However, I do have to say it is laughable that pastors are more interested in belittling a website than building up a ministry. Hmmm.

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Last modified: April 12, 2018
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