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Rethinking Suliasi Kurulo : Cancer in the Kingdom of God

I have some serious reservations about a pastor in Fiji that is named Suliasi Kurulo. I have made this clear over the years. The idolatry of leaders, the brokeness of families and poverty of people that attend all led to call it what I believe it to be: a cult.

I am not going on hersay here. I have seen what is happening at the church with my eyes and with my bible in hand. I am testing it against the spirit of the New Testament and the heart of the Father. The concerns only get louder.

One problem with ministries like the one lead by Suliasi Kurulo is that members tend to be more loyal to men (one of my chief complaints) than the integrity of scripture.

Offense is the cancer of the Church

I get this every week or so but I got a message today that said I could “go to hell” and then, “We done nothing wrong to you and all you can do is criticisize us get a life.” This lady ended the discussion with ” I am a faithful members of CMFI what you on social media about CMFI you get your facts rite before you open your big mouth.” 

The problem with this is that I did get my facts from the New Testament. Criticism is part of living in a free society. It is hard to reason with someone being so unreasonable but I tried.

She is offended by something that I finally released in August 2015 (but wrote before that). The problem with this is she values her ability to be offended more than she values a brother in the faith. This is the challenge when dealing with people from World Harvest Centre or Christian Missionary Fellowship.

The problem is Suliasi Kurulo

I say this because he is the leader. He knows that people are worshipping him (and he loves it). He know people are acting in very unChristlike manners online like this person did.

It seems that they do not care how the members behave on social media as long as they are defending the church and giving all their money to the church for their latest project to make Suliasi Kurulo look good.

At the end of the day, how people act online has a direct connection to the image of the church and indirectly the leadership of Suliasi Kurulo.

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