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Resurrection Encounter in Moravian Falls!

This past weekend, I went on a “secret mission” to Moravian Falls. Hardly, anyone knew I was coming and I was there to fast and seek the Lord. If there is anywhere in the world that the heavens are thin and the angels are present, it is in Moravian Falls. (I have never been there and not been encountered by the Holy Spirit!) I had to have fresh bread from Heaven!

Some would say “God can speak anywhere, why go to Moravian Falls?” I understand the reasoning and I have empathy for people who have this line of thinking. They see someone like me who does have intense encounters with God anywhere and think why do people like myself need to go somewhere else to have a more intense experience. The answer is just like fasting. When you remove all the “little foxes that hinder love,” (Song of Solomon 2:15) the voice of the Lord is much louder! Moravian Falls is in the sacred ground in the middle of nowhere! 

I was there for the audience of One. I could have went into the town and been social and talked “shop” about the prophetic. There is many prophets in the area. I wanted to meet with the Prophet of Prophets.

Encountering Resurrection

Here is the spoiler alert: I did not have any open visions. I did not see any angels. I did see demons. I did not have any prophetic dreams. I am sorry to disappoint the thrill seekers. With that said, I did have an encounter with Resurrection that I believe that is worth sharing and will change paradigms if we allow it.

In John 11, Jesus is told that Lazarus is sick but the Lord lets the friend die on purpose so the glory of the Lord will be manifest among the people in the near future. Jesus could have come and healed him but did not. He let what He wanted to raise from the dead die completely for a length of time so only the glory of the Lord could be manifest.

Enter Mary and Martha. They are upset but they are theological correct. They believed Jesus will be the One that resurrects the one from the dead at the catching up of the saints. They did struggled to believe that Jesus was the resurrection in the here and now. Many of us share that challenge. I share that challenge.

Jesus is not the just the Resurrection where the dead will rise first at the catching up of the saints where we will meet the Lord in the air. Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life right here and now. 

The struggle to believe that Jesus is the resurrection and the life in the present is the challenge. It is tempting to believe that God is always “about to” or “going to” send revival, heal you, set you free, whatever the core issue is. It is unbelief. Unbelief is fear. Fear is sin. If you believe God is always about to do something, you are living in unbelief which is sin!

Re-thinking Lazarus

A few years ago, I met Jonathan David Helser briefly from Bethel Worship. We had a great but short discussion about his song, You came. It is the perspective of Lazarus in the story of John 11. What would he would he had said just minutes after being raised from the dead?

He knew that Jesus would come even as he died he still knew that the miracle would happen. That is a paradigm that we just can not think of having today in the modern world of real time information. We think that we death is final, we post about them on Facebook and move to the next newsworthy thing tomorrow. Not true with Lazarus. He died believing for the miracle!

He knew the Lord would come. He might have expected it to happen before it did. Martha might not have expected the Lord to come. (She was not that spiritual after all!) but I am sure Lazarus and Mary expected the Lord to be there very soon. The odd thing is I doubt that he even knew that he died. He probably was resting while waiting for the Lord when he passed away. That is how much expectation that he had for the miracle from the Lord.

There is no question that they believe that Jesus was the Lord of the miracle workers. They just did not understand the delay in seeing the glory of the Lord reveal as we do not normally, either.

Resurrection Glory

Let’s get real: there is a lot of bizarre ideas about the glory being preached today. The glory is more than just emotional hype or a feeling. It is the raw manifest presence of God. If you are in the true glory (there IS a lot of phony “glory” stuff out there), nothing dead can remain dead! When Jesus spoke for Larazus to come forth, He had to call him by name so that the catching up didn’t happen right there and the whole graveyard did not rise. That is now much power is in the glory of the Lord. Anything short of that is not the true manifest glory of the Lord. 

We desperately need the glory back in the churches we worship in. In the glory, there is fear of God. In the glory, there is awe of the Ancient of Days. In the glory, there is wholeness. The reason that many churches in America do not experience the glory is it would kill people because of their evil ways. Don’t believe me? Just ask Ananias and Sapphira.

However, as we believe Jesus is the present resurrection, not the “someday He will do a miracle” Lord; the manifest will return and the fear of the Lord will come back into the Church. When this happens, we will see an awakening unlike anything anyone alive has seen. It is coming.

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