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Restoring the roots

There is something to redigging the roots of our movements. Every movement started with revival fire and most have lost it about 30 years into the work. My heritage is the Pentecostal Movement. We brand the nation with revival from 1901-1930’s then we started to pull back and “enjoy the fruit of our labors.” Then, in 1948, God restored the power of Pentecost afresh with the healing revival of the 1950’s. Then about 30 years after it started, laziness kicked in that movement. Then in the 80’s the Vineyard or “Third Wave” hit and now 30 years later, laziness has came on us again.

Why do we lose the fire and need another movement to stir the fires again? It is because we lose the vision and need to return to the heart of God concerning His purposes. The reason every revivalists have had a problem with the next revivalist is the coming of another means the ending of the prior. For the latter to emerge, the prior would have admit that they have lost the vision and made a movement into a religious “fellowship.”

As I write this, I ponder what would happen if every movement, Assemblies, Foursquare, Methodist, Baptist, etc. were to return to their roots of histoical formation and restored the vision of their founding fathers. Church of God (Cleveland, Tn), Assemblies of God and Foursquare were all formed as a way of providing fellowship and acountability to the thousands of young church blowing up the countryside in the early 1900’s. What would happen if we saw a massive church planting movement among Pentecostals that was not based on great methods and models we learned at a confernce but it was an overflow of direct encounter with the glory of God like they had at Azusa Street. The type of glory that people up to three miles away was being blasted with the presence of God. Some report even seeing physical “tongues of fire” at those meetings.

If you are Pentecostal, go back and study Azusa Street and the mission movement following and allow the vision to be restored in your heart. If you are Methodist, go back and study the vision of John Wesley and let it be branded in your heart. If you are a Charsmatic, study of the ministry of the your fathers like Oral Roberts and T.L. Osborn and let that vision be burned into you.

Church history is not the study of what God has done but it is the study of mantles and mandates. In those old “history books” we find little nuggets or clues about what God is waiting to do in this generation. Along the way of history, we have little secrets that will empower the “end time revival” we are believing for and expecting in faith, in hope, and in love.

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