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Eternity : Recovery of the Gospel

A boy of anguish now, he’s a man of soul, traded in his misery for the lonely life of the road. The years were cruel to him no, he won’t let them go. Lays awake tryna’ find the man inside, to pack his bags and escape this world. I’ve never been so torn up, in all of my life, I should have seen this coming. I’ve never felt so hopeless than I do tonight. I don’t wanna do this anymore, I’m moving on!

The last few months have been a hard and trying time for me personally. It has been a fight to deal with life at times. I just needed the time away from the website and from social media. I am back.

One of the things God has really impressed in my spirit is the need to think eternally. Solomon declared “He that wins souls is wise.” There is wisdom is the winning of lost souls for Jesus Christ. Somewhere along the way we lost that. It must be recovered.

Crossless Church?

As I have sit in our churches, I have noticed that our messages are full of everything but the blood of Jesus, the Cross and repentance. We would rather talk about healing, prosperity, and miracles. William Seymour would be dumbfound at what is present is most of we pass off today as “Pentecostalism.” No preaching about blood. No preaching about the cross. No preaching about repentence.

There is a priestly ministry in doing that difficult and unpleasant things as unto the Lord… There is a Oneness with Christ in consecration.

-T. Austin Sparks (1888-1971)

Getting the gospel back!

Somewhere along the way in the last decade, we have lost the core message of the gospel of a bloody Savior and a risen Christ. Most discussion about the cross is centered around the benefits of the atonement, not the reality of salvation. Preaching for souls on Easter and having better homes and gardens the rest of the year is grieving the Spirit of God. 

The problem is pastors are trying to be greater preachers. Paul warned against this directly. In 1 Corinthians 1:17-18, he said he did not come to baptize but to preach the gospel. He actually used the words ” not with wisdom and eloquence” in fear the message would lose its power.

I have to admit it but this is something that our Baptist brethren is doing much better at. They might not have the baptism of the Holy Spirit but they do have preach the simple gospel quite well.  We should take notice and correct our emphasis from the “nine benefits of the blood in your life” to preaching on the power of the blood for forgiveness.

As I look back at Pentecost history, I see a trend of people who saw the gospel as confirmations of miracles, not miracles as confirmation of the gospel. Yes, it is turn that Jesus did then he taught but is it possible we have went too far?

I have been some camp meetings where they preached about everything but the Cross and the blood. They preached against women leading but not the gospel. They preached about holiness all week but never preached about the Cross that empowers them to live holy. Assuming everyone is saved and right with God is a damning assumption to make to be quite honest.

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit activity will increase when we preach on the message of Jesus as the Savior in its simplicity. God is not looking for great orators anyways. 

Eschatology matters

As the gospel is not being preaching, even the elect are being deceived (as the New Testament warned us) by various outlandish Eschatology. Things that were a “weird view” in history has emerged again in popular Charismatic culture. Kingdom Now and Partial Preterism is now very popular and deceiving many Pentecostals. There are many scoffers out there now.

While the unbiblical “doom and gloomers” in our pulpits do us no favors, we are at a scary crossroads as a movement with people believing in Preterism, Amillenialism, and Covenantal Futurism. There seems to be a free for all when it comes to what people believes about the “last things” in our churches today.

Not all views are equal. Some of them are complete heresy such as annihilation. Others like Partial Preterism, as popular as it is, is a doctrine of demons. Most Pentecostals rightly divide the New Testament in what is called Pre-Millenialism but disagree on the timing of the catching up of the saints.

In the coming days, it will becoming more important that ever to have our eschatology right. There is going to be more “prophetic visions” about the coming days and many will be led astray that are grounded in their doctrine. Scripture is very clear of this.

I firmly believe this current trend with Partial Preterism that is coming out of Bill Johnson’s church is just the beginning. There is many more doctrines of demons concerning the end times to come in the years to come.

Even So Come

As I have been walking through the dark night of the soul the last few months, I have believe more than ever that the soon return of the Lord is imminent. While I hold that Matthew 24:14 is not fulfilled, I could be wrong and the catching up could happen by the time you read this article. What I do know is more than ever, I long for the return of the Lord and to caught up in the air!

The only thing that stands between us and the catching up is the end time harvest. God is going to pour out His spirit beyond measure to a people without mixture. We will see it happen in this generation. I am completely convicted that I will see the catching up in my lifetime.

In Matthew 25, Jesus tells those close to him about intimacy. He uses a parable about lamps and oil. What is of most interest to me is that the same Greek word to losing oil here is used for quenching the Holy Spirit. Are you quenching the Holy Spirit in your life?

I want to challenge you by asking: Are you a bright and shining lamp? How is your walk with the Lord? Intimacy is the currency of the heaven and without it, salvation can be lost. Do not quench the Spirit but shine brightly as a lamp for the Holy One of God.


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