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Ravi Zacharias : The missing link to understanding the crisis!

Ravi Zacharias sinned against God and against people.

Many are upset about it. I am more alarmed by the lack of prophetic discernment among people who claim to hear the voice of the Lord than I am the sin of a man that like the rest of us, weak and broken.

Everyone wants to give their opinions on the scandals but I want to know what the Spirit is saying to the churches. I want to know what this means prophetically. I want to know what realities this will cause from apostolic point of view. None of this is what I am hearing. This is saddening and alarming.

When Bill Clinton was exposed for sin against his family, someone asked Dr. Michael L. Brown his thoughts. Dr. Brown said, “I have not heard from the Lord about it but I will tell you what I think.” His wife quickly told him, “No one wants to know what you think if you have not heard from God.” I could care less what people think about the crisis we are in if they do not have the prophetic word of the Lord.

Intimacy vs Integrity

Let’s face some facts here. Ravi Zacharias is an evangelical. He does not relate to the Pentecostal movement or even the Charismatic movement. This is partly due to our lack of desire for apologetics in our churches. This is also because, to my knowledge, he was not Spirit Baptized and fire filled. He spoke in many of our pulpits, namely Lee University and Oral Roberts University but he was a speaker for hire and nothing more.

I make this point because evangelical see things very differently. They see ones’ relationship with God through the eye of integrity. Being a person who does the ethical thing is a sign of spirituality to people who find them in that realm of the American Church. For those believers, this is a complete betrayal of everything they hold to be spiritual.

For us in the Pentecostal and especially the Charismatic side of the church world, integrity is important but we value intimacy with the Lord over everything. Most of us believe that moral failures happen as a result of a lack of a prayer life. In fact, we can “smile” at character faults when we see the person is truly walking in intimacy with the Lord. Having a dynamic prayer life is more important that personal ethics among many Pentecostals.

With that said, the question with Ravi Zacharias goes even deeper. There was not the presence of a deep walk with the Lord or a dynamic prayer life. Pentecostals just loved him because he was a great speaker and seemed really smart.

We did not hold the standard of intimacy to him that we would hold to “one of our own.” When we gave this free pass at living a lifestyle of prayer, we lost the ability to call for accountability.

These people come near to me with their mouth and honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship of me is based on merely human rules they have been taught… (Is 29:13) 

Our love for expose`

We love to see people, especially leaders, exposed for their secret sin. When someone with a microphone is busted doing something that is sinful, we love to see them get their dirty laundry put out before the world. We have seen this time after time. The problem is the Lord’s position is very different. He wanted to deal with it and set them free, not humiliate them.

The question that I believe the Lord has for us prophetically is this: are you willing to expose YOUR heart and bring the light of the Holy Spirit to the dark areas of YOUR life? I am not dismissing what Ravi did. However, the Lord is just as sick about him asking for nude pictures from women as He is about you watching Pornhub! Will you let the Lord deal with your hidden brokenness?

The position of our hearts before the Lord is more concerning to the Lord than what any of us think about what one man did in his sinful state. You will not stand before the Lord for what he did to those women but you will stand before the Lord for your own secret sin.

I am not standing as judge, either. I am praying that the Lord will reveal to me any area of my life, my attitude, my calling that is not in alignment with His will, His ways, and His desires. Expose my heart to me. That must be the prayer.

Ravi Zacharias & victims

What about the victims? What is the Lord saying about that? There is something theologically we must understand before we can move in empathy for them. Jesus was the only victim in the history of the world. The rest of us are sinners who are not righteous and fall short of the presence of God daily. It is important to realize this to save us from the victim mentality. We are all transgressors.

To those who sin with him and did so because of pressure of a popular speaker (witchcraft), we must have empathy for them. They are hurting and now, they are humiliated on a national level because of sin they would pressured into by someone they valued as a man of God. They need love, compassion, and empathy from people who know them. For the rest of us that do not know them, we are called to take our place around the throne without opinion.

No amount of gossiping around coffee at Starbucks or ranting on Facebook will help them one bit. We love to rage but raging on Twitter is not going to help the people who feel humiliated by their sin after being manipulated into by a spiritual leader. The overflow of this web of sin will be much deeper than your video on Youtube can make you in Adsense.

Spirit of Divorce is released

This web will see multiple divorces and even more broken marriages. The demonic spirit of divorce has been released. Many of these women did things under the influence of witchcraft that will cause them to become divorced. Divorce is NEVER the will of God for believers but people get caught up in emotions and throw God’s standard out of the window once they are betrayed.

The web of sin will break marriages down and rip families apart. Children will get wounded in the cross hairs. The marriages that do make it through this crisis will not be as healthy as they once were. Husbands are fractured at the soul level now. What they think, fell, and desire about their wives will not be the same knowing the sin.

The demonic force of divorce has ran wild among the faithful for years and it will only increase as we get closer to the catching up. This is not something that will just be related to the women who did sinful things under the influence of this deceived leader. However, when believers in America have lived in a culture of “divorce easy” thinking, it will make the challenge to overcome the betrayal even harder for the people involved.

I am praying for the spirit of wisdom and revelation will come of everyone involved and that the healing of the mind, the will and the emotions will happen that the volume of divorces from this web of sin will be limited!

Prophetic takeaway from Ravi Zacharias

For the last few months, I have been telling close friends the phase “take your place around the throne.” God’s remedy to the brokenness left in the path of the exposing of this web of sin is found in the throne room and no where else. It was from the throne that the healing leaves manifested in Ezekiel 47.

Those who have sinned with him needs to take their place around the throne in repentance. Those who worked for him in the ministry need to take their place seeking restoration of hope in people. Those who loved his work need to take their place around the throne in discernment. There is no one in the church world that should not be in their place in intimacy in the throne room.

Something must bigger than any one man with a dark side to him is going on. Many people rise to the top in the industry of ministry that come from broken past that they can never discuss with anyone. If you think this is not going to repeat itself again in the future, you are deceived.

The only safe place in the coming months and years for the believer in the place of prayer.

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