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The Anointing by Randy Clark

Randy Clark is a man that lives with expectation. I have come to respect him very much. We do not share all the same doctrine but I still value him and his ministry. You do not have to be a Pentecostal to be used by the Holy Spirit. (despite popular belief)

We may be trained well to do church work, run committees, preach, teach, administrate and counsel, all through our education. But that is not the same as the ability to heal the sick, cast out demons, raise the dead, and preach with anointing that breaks hard hearts with such conviction that people are bought to Jesus. These things need the anointing, grace, and gifts of the Holy Spirit.  (from There is MORE!, Kindle Edition)

The Anointing is critical!

I am amazed at how many Pentecostals and Charismatics are happy living without the anointing to break the yoke of sin and death in their lives. I am not sure how they are content living without victory or liberty. However, they somehow do it.

It is not enough to just believe in healing; we are called to heal the sick. We are called to pray for the sick; we are called to heal them! Jesus was not a man of theology. Jesus was a man of fruit. Theology without application is just plain philosophy and nothing more.

Smith Wigglesworth did not raise the dead with ideas or theology. He did it with the anointing. He didn’t pray “in the name of Pentecostalism, I hope you are healed. However, don’t expect it.”

Why I respect Randy Clark

This is a Baptist pastor that got touched by John Wimber and later became a Vineyard pastor. He wanted God but hated the faith movement. In order to get touched, he not only had to go to a faith church but Rhema, the epic center of the movement. He was so hungry that he went.

He went on to lead the Toronto Blessing (as we call it) for a while before turning to world evangelism and training. The power of God transformed him and changed his thinking about alot of how he sees the people of God.

He might not be Pentecostal but I will take a hungry Charismatic over a religious Pentecostal anyday. We must learn to be driven by hunger more than we are driven by doctrine. We have a long to go in this area!

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