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R. Loren Sandford and his brand of prophetic

It is with a heavy heart that I wrote this article. It is concerning someone that I thought believed in the call of my life and the prophetic ministry of the believer. Come to find out, Loren Sandford from New Song Church in Denver, Colorado only believes in it if it agrees with his style.

I met him back in the heyday of the renewal up in Toronto. After being saved in the Brownsville Revival, I spend time going to the Toronto Blessing (as it was called) Loren was there the same time and we met. He seem to believe in the prophetic ministry then. He has since wrote a few books about it.

I have known for some time that his idea of the prophetic and what I believe was not exactly the same thing. There is a growing false teaching in the Church that started with John Wimber that confuses the gift of prophecy and the gift of encouragement. It is preached as “Love for the Church” but it is really about silencing the prophets and evangelists about the failure of the modern American Church. Loren Sandford believes in this false teaching.

I have known this for a long time but I never saw it as much of an issue. Until last night, that is.

Loren Sandford would struggle with Jeremiah

There was many in his day proclaiming “revival is in the land,” “It is the time of prosperity,” and other positive words about where things was going. If you listened to the prophets and the priests in those days, things were great. Revival was around the corner, every believer was walking in divine prosperity, and the people were living in great expectation. The only problem was they were speaking out of their own minds, not the mind of God.

Jeremiah rises up from his place of prayer and declares “Behold, judgement comes from the North.” What is wrong with him? We want good word that we can sit and soak in the love of God. We don’t want those judgement words. That is not what we want to hear, Jeremiah.

The problem was that Jeremiah was right and judgement really was coming from the north. It was not times of revival. Instead, it was a time to pick up the sword and fight.

Any pastor (or prophet) that does not believe that there is a day of wrecking for the House of God is not speaking from the mind of God. Paul declared that judgement will begins at the Household of God. How can God judge America for its sin without first judging the Church for its’ failure to be salt and light? The answer is simple: there is no way it can happen.

True prophets will never be liked and they will never smile at the nonsense in the churches of America. They will be hated by men of God but loved by the God of men. Many pastors will cry “where is the love?” They will be answered with, “tough love.”

The coming pastors vs prophets confrontation

I remember sitting on the floor of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry and I saw a coming confrontation. Pastors have a false vision that is actually an enemy of revival. How can you repent from things that we can’t even admit our sins? Pastors have painted an image of the American Church far more positive than it really is. Loren Sandford is not the only one preaching this lie.

Prophets will raise up and blow the trumpet in Zion. They will declare that judgement is at the door and the pastors are out of line. They will speak of the cleansing of the pulpit and that pastors must repent or they will be dealt with. They will either fall face down in repentance or Ezekiel 13 will apply.

Revival is coming. We will see no disease known to man stand against it. We will see the greatest harvest of human history. We will see Stadium Christianity. There is no question that amazing things are ahead for the Army of the Lord.

However, before revival can happen, there must be some massive repentance among the pastors who have led the people to the slaughterhouse. Before there is times of refreshing (they are coming), there will be an extended time of testing that many pastors will either quit or publically repent for false teachings. It will be a line in the sand and there will be no middle ground on this issue.

Peter, where is your love for the Bride?

This is something I know I will be accused of. Loren Sandford is one of many making these claims. According to him I am “full of hate and anger.” I find this funny because how can I believe for, pray for, and preach about the great end time harvest and be the doom and gloom prophet of hate?

Many of my friends from bible college actually accuses me of being too focused on revival and not presenting the “falling away” elements of eschatology.  They feel I only talk about purging of pulpits and the harvest without talking about the falling away in the pews of America. The reality is they are probably right. I want revival more than I want anything. I live, breathe, and sleep for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Here is a newflash for pastors: the prophets are angry; the evangelists are angry; the intercessors are angry; the seers are angry. In fact, about every post in the New Testament church is angry but the pastor who is telling everyone how amazing they are and how they are awesome. Are the prophets, evangelists, intercessors and seers all wrong and the pastor is the one like Jeremiah? I have a hard time believing that.

I do not believe that God can or will use the American Church in its’ broken condition. There will be a massive repentance and cleansing of the pulpit or there will be a remnant rise up.

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