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Q & A with Peter Vandever

The following is the list of some of the most asked questions about his history in revival and world evangelism. I hope this helps people understand why I was “branded for Fire.” (Richard, that is for you!)

How did you get saved and how radical was it?

When I got saved in the Brownsville Revival, it was really dramatic. Everyone knew the change. I won’t go into my past but no one (besides my dad) questioned the radical change. That was on July 15, 1996. I still remember the message Steve Hill preached.

One thing people didn’t realize was I had not cared at all about school from 4th grade to when I got saved. Teachers gave me D- to get rid of me. The next semester I was on the honor roll. Just one example of the total transformation.

The challenge was the Assembly of God and the “Word of Faith” church in my hometown was pretty dead. One of them was trying to Rick Warren and the other one thought they was Billy Joe Daugherty. Brownsville was the standard.

What did the Brownsville Revival mean to you?

It was amazing. It was as in we are living under Open Heaven (to use a Jill Austin term). It was nightly meeting of hard preaching, people getting right with God, and getting baptized in the Holy Spirit. It was the closer to the Book of Acts that I have seen in the last 25 years.

A few friends and myself made many trips to Pensacola while in High School. The church in town was dead and Brownsville was popping. The impact of the revival on my theology and vision for ministry is without question.

It was on the floor at Brownsville on August 4, 1998 that I saw the angels of harvest and was radically called to the ministry. Thousands were at the altar that night but the angels were calling me for whatever reason. It marked my life forever. I have never questioned that call or the angelic encounter.

What is your connection to IHOPKC?

Here is the deal. The only church that was not caught up in this word of faith or being purpose driven in Kansas City in those days was Mike Bickle’s church. Naturally, I ended up there a lot.

In the fall of 1999, I had a choice. I could go back to Brownsville or link up with them for the launch of the International House of Prayer. It was closer to home and I was “signing up” for Stadium Christianity. That is the vision I had just a year before in Pensacola.

I ended up spending a lot of nights in the early days praying for revival. It was not what people think of IHOP now. It was a double wide trailer and like 10 people most of the time.

I left Kansas City to go to Tulsa to hook up with Eastman Curtis Ministries. I ended up coming back in 2002 and was there until about 2006. Still did mostly nightwatch. That’s the story.

What is your take on the Kansas City Prophets?

Here is the thing. The whole term came from a book written about the movement in the 1980’s. It was not about the International House of Prayer. All the names people connected to the “Kansas City Prophets” were hardly around. I saw Bob Jones there two times and Paul Cain was not there very much either. The other names that circle had been long gone like John Paul Jackson, Larry Randolph, and a few others.

The prophetic was mainly managed by Kirk Bennett which is an interesting guy to say the least. The other one that did a lot of leadership in the prophetic was Kevin Matthews. Kevin is one of the most solid prophetic guys I have ever met.

The only real time that the prophetic was really pushed was at the spring conference in the early days called “Signs, Wonders and the Prophetic.” It is when everyone would come to Kansas City for a few days of prophetic ministry. The only prophet that was in the house of prayer on a regular basis was Jill Austin.

At what point did you turn to the nations?

I have always been in the nations. I was doing that back in the early 2000’s. I even made a trip to Mexico in high school to preach. It is just part of my DNA. The videos of T.L. Osborn and Reinhard Bonnke put a passion for the nations in my spirit forever. (I did get to meet TL years later in Tulsa)

I had made a few trips in the early 2000’s to Asia and one to Fiji to visit the revival that was taken place there. I think you can see Let the Seas resound by George Otis Jr that was about that revival.

In 2008, a personal promise from the Lord just did not seem even possible anymore. I turned to the nations full time. I traveled back to Fiji, Samoa, Tonga, Solomon Islands, West Papua, and the Philippines and about two dozen other countries.

I would spend the next decade in the nations. I ended up spending a lot of time in the Philippines which I did not plan for but it is what it is. I came home in January 2018 for health reasons.

How was being in America?

I have always had a burning passion for revival in America. I got that in Brownsville and later being around Lou Engle. It was just downright amazing times. However, I did not land in the United States with a burning passion for ministry. I was more concerned about my health at that point.

To be real, I spend most of 2018 trying my best to heal both physically and emotionally. The blood of the “battle” has dried but I was facing a lot of emotional and even physical challenges from the fight over the last decade.

In August, there came another big blow up that I had to deal with. I ended up leaving Kansas City. It had nothing to do with IHOP. It was with another ministry I had poured myself into. I was betrayed by some of top leadership. I left and hit the road. I had to try and heal somehow again.

Angels are always around us.

What happened on February 13, 2019?

This encounter is right there with the August 4, 1998 one. It was the morning after Paul Cain passed away. I was in the mountains praying for revival to come as is my custom. What happened next was life changing.

The manifest presence of the Holy Spirit came on me and I was very aware of angelic activity. (I did not see them) I began to weep in the presence and the Lord dealt harshly about my attitude about a prophetic promise. The Holiness of God was a reality that morning. It was what people in the 1800’s thought was the “sanctification experience.”

It took me days to even process the encounter with the Holy Spirit. It changed everything for me that day. The Lord has taken everything I was trying to do and pushed it all the table and said, “We are going to deal with this issue until it is no longer an issue.” I LOVE when the Holy Spirit breaks in and completely messes me up!

What is next for Azusa Report?

I am not sure. The Lord has told me to deal with this one issue and it is not going very well right now. I have put a lot of things on hold. I also have fixed some things so that the work of Azusa Report can go on without me on the road non-stop. Azusa Report is always here.

Another project I have started is Azusa Missions. It is aimed to be mainly about training people in evangelism and helping people prepare to be missionaries both in America and in the nations. It will be very focused.

Past that, I do not know what is really next. I can only go on what the Lord has said. I can’t plan where the Lord has called my attention elsewhere. I know people don’t like to hear that.

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