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Prophets of Plagiarism: The state of the “Prophetic Movement”

I have been in this thing we call the prophetic movement for over 20 years. I have been in the prayer meetings, ran with The Call, been in the conferences, seen the behavior of many in the “green room.” I have had a up close and personal look at the prophetic movement.

Like many movements, it started out with pure intentions. There is no question if people like Bob Jones and Paul Cain had real encounters and saw the coming revival. God send John Wimber to the movement for “such a time as this.” While this relationship was very much a struggle, it encouraged the prophetic ministry within the wider Charismatic movement and it dealt structure to the “Kansas City prophets.”

However, people started to gather around these prophetic people and as they did, they tried to use “impartation” as the buzzword to excuse straight out plagiarism. Many of the people today that have prophetic ministries today that have roots in the early days of Kansas City have built their whole ministries doing this.

The Lord is dealing with the growing issue of plagiarism in the American expression of church life. It is not acceptable to take someone’s else prophetic experience, write a book about it and stamp your name on it.  

Coming Crisis and a Prophet

In 1975, Bob Jones started having encounters about the coming crisis that the nations would find themselves in. He saw the Church arising to the hour but there would be a coming crisis. Many would fall away and many sinners would come to faith. This was in 1975.

Paul Cain had similar encounters in the 1960’s and 1970’s. He would see stadiums filled with people coming to Jesus. It would not be planned like The Call. It would start with a miracle on a street corner and within days, the stadium would be the only thing that could hold the meetings. He saw the news reporter saying, “We have no news but good news.”

Fast forward to the mid-1980’s and at Kansas City Fellowship. Someone on leadership at the church is lifting all of Bob Jones’ encounter and writing them down for later use. He would later be asked to leave the church in 1990 as an act of church discipline. His time in Kansas City is all by a memory and ended very poorly.

In the fall of 1989, he was also lifting the prophetic words and encounters of Paul Cain to use later just like he did with Bob Jones. For the most part, it went completely undetected for the whole time until there become a national mess that John Wimber had to step in to help clean up. A major part of the mess was this person that are widely plagiarizing prophetic words. He truly was a son of Svena.

Fast forward two decades, this prophetic minister is proclaiming to the world that all these encounters that Bob Jones, Paul Cain and others were his. He would write about it. He would build some series about it. He was a businessman. He knew how to market and sell books…even if they were someone else encounters.

Why prophetic plagiarism matters?

Prophets must give the word of the Lord as it is, where it is to who He told them to give it. “borrowing” a prophetic word is witchcraft. The context of who you was to, where it was to be given and when it release it has all changed. The prophetic word has expired its’ season. This would be like trying to make a verse saying something that it just does not. You can’t do it.

Then, you have a bigger problem. You can steal a man’s prophetic word but you can’t steal his encounter with the Spirit. Revelation without intimacy is sorcery. The cost of entrance into the New Jerusalem is not knowing the “secret pass phrase.” (Sorry, Ace Ventura!) Your ticket to the City of God is your personal encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Like I said, this man was able to steal others’ prophetic words and twist them around to make them looks like his prophetic words. However, no amount of twisting things will get him the encounter they had when they received the prophetic message. He could playing off “a trip to Heaven,” but the difference is Bob actually went to Heaven and saw it.

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away…..Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth. (2 Timothy 3:5,7)

Cleansing is coming

Why would I open up a wound that is over 30 years old? Because there needs to be some serious cleansing. I realize pointing something like this could be a “golden ticket” to the heresy hunters. I am more concerned about cleansing the temple (the people of God) than I am the naysayers who stand out crying to lynch every prophet. I have never been impressed with the trolls, anyways.

For the last 30 years, the Holy Spirit has allowed plagiarism in the prophetic movement where people steal others encounters and make them their own. This is about to be exposed. You can chose to repent on your own in secret or the Lord will deal with you very publically. I personally knew of a pastor who stole others experiences in the Holy Spirit and they found him in his rocking chair at his church one afternoon dead.

Am I saying that people who do not repent of this prophetic plagiarism going on could be taken out by the Lord? I am. I have seen it happen more than once. God called William Branham home early. He will bring you home before you walk in complete rebellion and walk away from the faith!

This man from the early days spend his life doing this and was doing it until days before his own time to be called home. I would have loved to be a “fly on the wall” for that face to face with Jesus about all the plagiarism he did for 30 years.

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