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Having a prophecy-driven life

I had my heart and efforts set on moving to the Philippines and returning to missions work. I have deep love for the flipino people and I have made many trips there to minister. I have also seen a great amount of controversy over my distate for spiritual abuse in the Philippines in the “g12 movement.” I was preparing to see revival sweep that nation and then I everything changed as I walked the streets I grew up on a few weeks.

As I walked them, I told the Lord I would come back if no one would do it. The response was a challenge to all my Calvinists friends but yet I know it was the Lord, “Peter, what do you want? If you go, I will anoint it. If you stay, I will anoint it.” God did not have a “perfect will” for me nor did He have a “permissible will.” His will is that none would perish and as long as I preach the gospel, healing the sick, raising the dead, and casting out devils; He didn’t care where I did it and in what matter.
Some people spend their lives trying to have “the best life now” and being “purpose-driven;” but I don’t believe there is a right place and a right time. God’s will is for you to preach the gospel wherever you are and faith is always current. Faith is what they did at Azusa Street and faith is not what we will do in the “great end time revival.” Faith is NOW! Hebrews 11:1 says NOW faith is! What about having a prophecy-driven life? What about the anointed life now?
Warranty: Living a life based on the prophetic word of God and responsing to the voice of the Lord may throw you a curve ball sometime! This is what it did me.
I did not ask what the Lord wanted to do in Northtown; I asked how did I not do something when the people here are living a life of hell on earth. God did not give this profound experince that “called me back.” I saw the brokenness first hand and I went to God demanding something be done about it. See Luke 18:1-8 for more on this.
If you want the biblical New Testament lifestyle; be ready for a crazy journey of following God and hearing His voice. Be prepared for some times you totally direction to be changed by what you will see in life. You will change directions at time.
Do you want a life following God or just having the boring old life of church?
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