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Prophetic movement and Azusa Report : Where I stand :)

Since the article about wild fire and then the revelation concerning Todd Bentley, I have got quite the push back. I have seen some people really question if I should have taken the stand I did. This is especially because at one point, I was supportive of Todd (2002-2005ish). It was because of that, I knew I had to stand for what I believed in.

I fully realize that I am losing relationships by the day in the prophetic movement but calling out the wild fires and false fires has been in the bad grace of some leaders. Many would consider these as “critical relationships” to build a ministry. The truth is I do not mind losing them because I just have seen way too much go unanswered.

I have chosen not to name drop at this point. It is not that I am fearful. (Anyone that knows me knows I am fearless under the anointing!) I am doing what the Lord did for Jezebel in Revelation 2: giving them room to repent.

What I am about to discuss is not a problem with just Todd Bentley. It is a problem across the board. Fill in the blank as to what prophetic ministry this is, and it very likely true.

False Signs and Wonders

There is zero accountability in the movement for people who miss the word of the Lord. No coming back and correcting it. No saying “I missed that one big time.” They just move on to give the next word so they can keep selling downloads.

An example is a major prophetic leader who came to the Philippines. They said that a charismatic pastor would be the next president of the overly Catholic nation. He ran based on the prophetic word and lost horribly. He ran again and lost even worse. However, the prophet who gave this word never came out and repented. In fact, they have been on record making even more claims about the presidency of the Philippines.

This is just one example of many of where prophetic ministries have completely missed it. They were not just off a little. They were completely false and they were giving words out of their own desire to look prophetic. It is wrong, unethical and downright sinful.

I would take it a step past that and call it demonic. In the days of the Old Testament, this would be grounds for stoning. It is not just they missed a small detail. They gave a word knowing it was false before even giving it. It is common place in the prophetic ministry and it grieves the Holy Spirit.

What is even more alarming is how some “prophetic leaders” never call them to account. What good is a “prophetic council” if there is no accountability for false prophecy? Again ,I am not naming names but at some point, we have to question these “apostolic leaders” if they do not rebuke and correct their peers.

Lying dreams and prophetic encounters

I will be honest. I agree with Mike Bickle that about 3/4 of the stuff people claim to have is either made up or people are making them out to be way more than they really are. I would say it is closer to 90% of the claims that people in the prophetic movement make are completely made up or things they came up with in their soul. (mind, will and emotions)

Let’s take for example claims about Heavenly visitations. I have two problems with almost all of the claims I have heard: they do not even line up with biblical accounts of Heaven and the people are not any more holy or sanctified after the encounter. If you claim to have been to Heaven and you do not long to be more holy and set apart; I am not buying it. Sorry.

I hear people giving dreams and claiming open visions that quite honestly have nothing to do with repentance or calling the nation to the altar. They are about “mantles” or about the hot topics in the church that gives a lot of attendance. I am sorry but having “prophetic dreams” about Donald Trump all the time is craziness. (He is neither the Messiah or the Anti-Christ)

If any prophet wants to be used by God, they need to learn one word: exegesis. Yes, I said they need to learn to properly understand biblical texts and not try and make them said what ever bent they want. Let the text take you where it leads, not you take text to your favorite pet doctrine. Heresy starts when people do that. It is why the prophetic movement is full of heresy as well.


Integrity among prophets

I am very grieved by what I have heard some prophets do. If you have an encounter where you saw 10 people in a room; don’t say it was a dozen! The moment you add to the experience, it is a lying sign and wonder! Have the integrity to say what it is and if you do not understand something, say you don’t understand that part of the encounter.

If the prophetic movement has any hope to recovering its integrity; it starts with people calling prophetic experiences as they are without adding or taking away from it.  John gave a pretty serious warning at the end of Revelation. Modern prophets should be as faithful to the prophetic as John the Revelator was.




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