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Prophetic Dream: New Wine is about to pour out again!

Last night, I had a dream that I believe is prophetic. God is about to pour out new wine again in ministries. Things are going to get very interesting and the “wild days” of the renewal will be back on us again. Get ready, if you believed that Toronto was wild, you have not seen anything yet.

It is interesting that many of the young people that God is using today were not even born when the renewal in Toronto broke out. They have heard the stories and watched the videos from what happened there. They have no first hand encounter. God is about to re-visit the people of faith so that they next generation can have their own encounter with the Holy Spirit in renewal.

Every generation has to get their own revival. There is no way around this. The reason that many Pentecostal churches are as dead as dead is because they are happy hearing the stories of people, other people, who had encounters a century ago. They have not had their own awakening. You can’t receive revival by “generational blessing,” no matter how many books we sell saying you can.

About the Winery Dream

In the dream, I was walking around a winery with some leaders in the revivals of the 1990’s and some young people that were are not even born when the revival broke out. They were listen to people share the miracles, the testimonies and the encounters they had in the wake of Toronto and Brownsville. These young people were hungry but they were only able to hear the stories. They could not really understand what it was like in those days.

When we came to a bar that had cases on wines on the table; I just reached into the boxes and started breaking open the wine bottles and spraying the young people there with the wine inside. As the wine would hit them, they would fall out on the floor and starting manifesting under the power of the Holy Spirit. It became more than stories of the new wine; they had personal encounter with the new wine.

As I stood there with the leaders talking about the times that God broke in during the revivals, the young people’s manifestations would only increase and they were start to scream at the top of their voices, “More, Lord.” It was also like a cry of intercession. The more they heard of the old days in revival, they were getting more drunk in the Spirit once they have drenched in the new wine.

The people would try and stand up and walk but was too drunk and would just fall back down in laughter all over again. The more they tried to get up and walk; the more the joy of the Lord would hit them.

The dream ended with me walking out of the winery with the leaders (leaving the young people on the floor) and I saw a picture of Jill Austin on the wall.

Importance of Jill Austin?

One thing I am praying into still is about the picture at the Winery. I do not remember her ever speaking on an investment into a wine factory or anything. There is nothing in the nature that would lead me to believe there would be have been a picture of her at a wine factory. I believe the picture was completely spiritual and prophetic. If there is anything that Jill Austin was known for was the cry for Open Heavens. I remembered many times having Jill ask me, “How hot do you burn?” No matter how hungry I was, she would push me to be even more hungry in the early days of IHOPKC.

I believe that Jill’s importance was the open heavens that are coming for the next generation when they get hit with the wine from Heaven’s winery. However, I also believe that it was important because the last major act she did before passing away was bring down a sex ring among some pastors in California. She exposed witchcraft at a level I have never seen in the United States before or since.

Visitations was the story of Jill Austin. Everything she did was about being a carrier of revival. Wherever she went, angels would come and people would be rocked with the Holy Spirit. I believe many of the young people that was on the floor in the dream do not understand the importance of visitation and being a carrier of revival to the nations.

Importance warning about Wine

In 1984, Bob Jones said that the new wine was coming in Kansas City. People, including Mike Bickle, did not understand the importance of the wine. They thought it was about fire. People longed for the fire but had no desire for new wine for many years. Yet, God told Bob Jones in 1984 that the new wine was coming. It was almost 10 years to the day before Toronto Blessing broke out.

This is an important warning for a word like this. While God has said that He will pour out His wine again to the next generation (the young people), it does not mean it will happen tomorrow. It was ten long years after Bob gave that prophetic word before Toronto started happening. We have to be faithful no matter what and not be offended at God’s timetable. It might be years away but the new wine WILL come!

The prophetic promise is for us and for our generation. However, the details of how that happens is never as easy to discern. As I said, it was about 10 years between when God gave the prophetic word and when it actually started to happen. That waiting time between them is the test of our faithfulness to the promise.

Does this mean that the fire of God will not come? Not at all. On the heels of the Toronto Blessing came the Brownsville Revival. History is full of these examples. Often the renewal (wine) is poured out on a global level than the revival (fire) follows shortly after. This is why renewal and revivals almost always come in pairs. (Welsh & Azusa Street; Latter Rain & Healing revival; Charismatic movement & Jesus People, etc.)

Do you want the new wine?




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