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Prophetic Dream: Lyda Krewson and Deliverance

On December 3, 2019; I was a prophetic dream about Lyda Krewson, the sitting mayor of St. Louis, Missouri. It is interesting because I have no connection to St. Louis beside a few friends in the city. I have been quite critical of the spiritual landscape in the city if I were to be honest.

CBS reports that St. Louis is the most dangerous city in America. You have a 1 in 50 chance of being shot or robbed in STL. The corruption is through the roof. Former governor Eric Greitens tried to take it on and he was quickly taken out of office as a result. The truth is that most of the problems in the city is a lack of godly leadership. The city has been under very liberal leadership for 70 years! (The Rams went to Los Angeles partly because of their lack of leadership)

If you think I am painting a bad picture about the condition of St. Louis. I am! However, to be honest, the actual condition is probably worse that I am saying. It has become a modern Nineveh that no one wants to go to. I am sure there are many Jonahs in the suburbans not wanting anything to do with the city of St. Louis.

It is in this context, I share the prophetic dream.

Lyda Krewson meets with the Governor of Missouri

Ministry to Lyda Krewson

It is not known of any Christian experience that she has had. Her political views would not lead one to believe she is a conservative or considers the teachings of Jesus in her dealings. If there is a faith, it is extremely quiet. She is kinda like a Midwestern version of Hillary Clinton.

In the dream, I was visiting the city to help with an outreach to the poor and the broken. I was there to reach out to anyone that I could. I was not there to preach or prophesy. Only to be the hands and feet of Jesus. This is important to understand the dream.

Mayor Lyda Krewson came later and was there watching the event but not engaged. I could feel the tense environment. She has a long history of making poor people’s lives hard because of bad policies. However, she was there and seeing the struggles of the people first hand.

In this context, I walked up to her and asked to laid hands on her and pray for her. As I prayed for her, I felt led to put my right hand around the back of her head and started speaking prophetically deliverance.

As I let go of her head and body, she feel down on the ground shaking under the power of the Spirit. She was not just slain in the Spirit but was having a visitation of the Lord. After a few minutes, I asked people to get her back up, she looked at me with tears in her eyes saying, “I love my city. I really do.”

This was in the presence of the very people hurt the most by her decisions: the poor of St. Louis. The final thing I remember is telling her that she is accountable to give them a platform for success.

Pray for her

In the natural, she is as about as liberal as they come. About everything that is bad for society, she supports. If it was not for a prophetic dream, I could not see much deliverance and positive change happen. However, God made it clear that deliverance can and will happen. It is also clear that it will not be private. When it happens, it will be very public. People will know it because of a radical change in city policy.

I believe this could happen and for the first time in decades, the city could move in a direction that makes the whole world stop and see the grace of God. When St. Louis is led by the people who love the Lord and fear Him; society will change and the world will watch the most dangerous city in America become safe for the first time in my lifetime.



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