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Way Maker : The season of God as Promise Keeper

I am not one to follow the latest trends in worship circles as much of what we are hearing today is scriptural weak at best. However, a song that God has really highlighted in recent days is called Way Maker.

Here is the worship team at Rod Parsley’s church singing it:

We are entering into a season where God is going to reveal Himself as the Way Maker and Promise keeper. Jesus is the way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper and light in the darkness. It is important to in the next season that what seemed impossible would be practical.

God is moving among us and there is things that we can not see happening behind the scenes. Many people are struggling to believe God will do what He promised He would do. It looks impossible. Even in these times, God is still the PROMISE KEEPER!

Some have been talking about dead bones for a long time. You said this prophecy and that word from the Lord is dead as dry bones. The Holy Spirit is asking you, “O, can these bones live?” Remember that dead bones became the Army of the Lord in Ezekiel 37. It is the season of resurrection.

The Holy Spirit is faithful to the promises given to us by the Lord even when we have lost faith and haven’t been faithful to the word of the Lord. God is still the PROMISE KEEPER! It is not about what He does but who He is. It is the nature of the Lord to be faithful to the promise.

The Holy Spirit is going to be the way maker for many that have lost hope in their families. He is going to be the miracle worker that never stops working on our behalf. He will reveal himself as the PROMISE KEEPER!

Special note from Peter: I believe this is very interesting as God has been speaking about lost years being restored and preparing our hearts and homes for revival. A special emphasis in prophetic circles in 2018 and 2019 has been about the healing of broken families. It is happening because Jesus is our promise keeper.

Receive it and embrace the miracle working, promise keeping and way making glory of the Lord in this season!

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