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Praying in tongues is for you!

Praying in tongues is not just for Benny Hinn and Rod Parsley. It is for you and it is for me.

Herrnhut believes that the baptism of believers in the Holy Spirit is witnessed by the initial sign of speaking with other tongues as the Spirit of God gives them utterance. This is based on the New Testament and the model that was given to us of the early church. We have no reason to believe that God changed his mind after 70AD as some suggest.

Larry Sparks of Voice of Destiny states,

At the end of the day, we need to be honest with ourselves and honest with the biblical text. This unique gift of the Holy Spirit actually announced the birth of Christianity on the Day of Pentecost. It was highly prized by the man who wrote the majority of the New Testament (Paul). It equips believers to communicate with God on a unique level and empowers us to effectively live the supernatural life.

If we believe Acts is a model and anything more than a strict record of history of a time in the past; we have to believe what God did then, He will do for us today. God did does not do for one generation and tell another that they are too late for His outpouring.

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Understanding Tongues

At the core of this debate is the question about why different writers said different things in the New Testament and in some cases the same writers seems to change his mind to the same group he was writing a letter to address. The reason for this is there is more than one type of spiritual tongues.

The other issue is there is a call to speak in tongues which means to declare a prophetic utterance but there is also a call to pray in tongues that is for a personal utterance. Both are similar but the application is very different. This is where many people get confused.

Mike Bickle explains in this way,

There is a difference between the gift of tongues given to a few for the profit of the corporate body when the speaker speaks to men, and the gift of tongues given to all as a devotional prayer language for the profit of the individual who speaks privately to God.

The truth is that we need both examples of tongues in our churches and in our today. However, they have different purposes and different applications. It helps those need to understand everything to receive from the Holy Spirit. However, for most believers, it does not matter which “type” on tongues they operate in, they just want more of the activity of the Holy Spirit.

The importance of tongues in our lives and in our ministries are something that we can not be so casual about. It is critical to walk in everything God has for us.

Praying in tongues is for smart people too

One of the things that critics claim is that praying in tongues is illogical and anti-intellectual. While it is true that we pray what the Spirit does through us, releasing ourselves to be used by the Spirit should not be viewed as a lack of self-control. It is a partnership more than it is some type of “spiritual slavery.”

Dr. Sam Storms from Enjoying God Ministries adds,

Many insist that if one’s mind is not engaged in such a way that the believer can rationally and cognitively grasp what is occurring, the experience, whatever its nature may be, is useless. Paul strongly disagrees. Having asserted that his mind is not fruitful when he prays in tongues, many would think his next step would be to repudiate the use of tongues altogether.

One of the challenges of modern education is that we believe we have to in control of our senses at all times and we know everything we should. If we do not know, we must seek to gain that knowledge by academic pursuit is the general attitude. This is rooted in pride and a position of mental superiority.

There is nothing wrong with someone who is smart to admit that they do not know what to do and what to pray at times. In fact, humility is a sign of confidence in most cases. There is nothing good about having a power trip. It is a lack of trust at the end of the day.

Praying in tongues produces holiness

One of the people that I use to listen to a lot as a young man while in bible college was David Wilkerson, founder of Teen Challenge. He was a man that many considered a prophet to the Church and he always preached repentance and spiritual preparation that really impacted me. Besides that, I was lead to Christ by Steve Hill that was mentored by Wilkerson.

An example of why I loved his preaching is in this quote,

The work, ministry and mission of the Holy Spirit is singular: It is to wean us from this world… to create a longing in us for Jesus’s soon appearance… to convict us of everything that would blemish us… to turn our eyes away from everything but Jesus… to adorn us with the ornaments of a passionate desire to be with Him as His bride!

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