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Why the prayer room matters!

One of the most important things in my young days of doing this thing we call “ministry” was being part of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City or “the prayer room.”

The importance of prayer for revival was put deep into my spiritual fibers from a very young age in God. Revival was not just a buzz word to me. I lived. I breathed it. I slept it. It was the only reason I wanted to live. It was about no disease known to man will stand!

The heart of the IHOP prayer room remains with me to this day and I am very thankful for those early years in the double wide that at IHOPKC, it is called “the stable.”

What if you do not have a prayer room?

Make one. As I travel the world preaching the gospel today, my prayer room is many times using my headphones on a ferry, plane or train. It is locking on to some worship music and breaking into intercession for an hour. It works.

A friend of mine has a bedroom in his home that is his prayer room and every morning, he is there for 90 minutes before leaving the house. It is an appointment.

It might not be easy to do but if you have the will, having a prayer room at home works.

The most important thing is living it!

It is hard to live as the prayer room. I have always wanted to be the house of prayer, not go to one. It is not easy to make happen but it is possible.

I know one thing: everytime I say yes to prayer, the next time just got alot easier. If I do it often enough; my life will become the prayer room that I want it to be.

As that happens, the anointing will increase and demons will fear seeing Ezekiel Harbinger come into a hospital room. The anointing truly does break the yoke.

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