Peter Vandever

Peter Vandever

My story of revival is one that has been forged over the last two decades. I am a product of revival, I am marked to pray for it and I am commissioned to preach revival.

My story in revival begins on the floor of the Brownsville Revival on July 15, 1996. It was there that I would meet the Lord and that I would be wonderfully saved through the work of the Spirit. It would also be there that I saw the manifest presence of God for the first time.

I would travel from Kansas City to Pensacola, Toronto and Smithton, Missouri for revival meetings in the late 1990’s before moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma to train for ministry.

After personal tragedy in 2001, I would return to Kansas City and be part of the growing ministry of the International House of Prayer for the next five years. During this time, my main assignment was praying for revival through the night. It was also during this time that I finish bible college.

In 2003, the blueprint for revival known as the Forerunner Prophecy and the recurrenting vision of the Phoenix over America started during a 40 day corporate fast.

In early 2006, I left Kansas City to preach in small forgotten churches in the middle of the bush in Asia and the Pacific nations. From 2006-2012; many trips were made to the Fiji Islands, Solomon Islands, and the Philippines to name a few places.

Wilderness years

From 2012-2018, the message of the Holy Spirit came in flashes but most of the time was spent just holding on to the prophetic message of revival. It seemed that much of the promises would go completely unfulfilled in the natural.

It was also during this time, that a large portion of time was set aside for international travel. The largest chucks of it being in the Fiji Islands and the Philippines. It was rare times of great outpouring but a test to the faithfulness of God and the promise for revival.

This season ended in late 2018 in a strong confrontation of Jezebel and hers pawns in a ministry in August 2018. The aftermath of that encounter led to a closing of a dark night of the soul that lasted for six years.

Holy Reset and Lost Years

Following another time of tragedy in December 2018, God led me to completely pull the plug on everything I was doing for Azusa Report and reset the operation. It was about getting back to the core values of why I believe, pray for and content for revival.

On February 13, 2019; The Holy Spirit visited him afresh much like during the early days and called him to lay everything on the altar. What followed was a season of healing and restoration.

The next morning, a prophetic word came to me that as we press into the throne room (Revelation 4), there would a restoration of lost years. It would be marked by angelic activity and fresh oil from Heaven.

Out of this season, I put everything on hold to set my face before the Lord and to return to my primary callings as a prophetic voice and intercessor. All travel and ministry engagements were cancelled to make way for times of refreshing.