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Personal Update from Peter Vandever

There has been some questions about how I am doing personally. How are things for me physically, spiritually, mentally and socially. I want to put this out to answer some rumors and put to rest some of the hater’s nonsense.

The bottom line is I doing great and the presence of the Holy Spirit is thick in my life. The reality of the holy is deep in my heart and healing some important things.

On February 13, I had a visitation from the Lord in the Appalachian mountains. It was completely unexpected and it happen hours after Paul Cain had passed away. It was like an anointing for the revelatory fell. I can’t explain it any other way.

It called everything that I was doing into question and anything that hindered my time away from the intimacy was killed. I wanted to run the “little foxes” that hindered love out of my life. At the end the little foxes (distractions) are meaningless compared to our Beloved. (Songs of Songs 2:15-16)

Nothing is more important that the presence of the Holy Spirit in my life. I laid everything on the altar. Cancelled every meeting for 2019, laid aside two book projects and a commentary on Acts. All of them was meaningless.

All I wanted to do is long for the Heavenly. I did not care about anything that did not bring the manifest presence. I did not care about getting “a word,” I just wanted to be intimate with the Spirit.

I long for the day that I am in the New Jerusalem. I want eternity on my heart. I just want to go to heaven! I enjoy being where there is no tears, pain or suffering. Everything is new there and we live in glorified bodies. I miss the Lord and want to throw crowns crying, “worthy, worthy, worthy!”

Everything on earth does not even compare to being in Heaven.

What about living on earth here and now?

With that said, I am sure people are wondering if I am doing fine physically? While I have the same challenges that I have always had, I am great. I have had less problems lately. It is not like I am planning to die next week. (If I do, I will be in the throne room waiting for everyone!)

Nothing has really changed. I still have the struggles with seizures and PTSD. It is not going to change until the power of the Lord and the compassion of Jesus break in and completely heal me. It is coming. It is my right. It is going to happen before the end time revival starts!

If anything I am in better health than I have been for several years. I am trying to be somewhat healthy and I am asking the Lord to give me ways to be healthy. The long battle has been my eating habits and my deep love for Vanilla Coke.

Otherwise, the focus has been on social issues. I am a vertical guy. I love God’s presence and I am there for an audience of One. However, it has become clear that I need to look around and realize the people around me are not having the encounters I am having. There has been neglect on the horizontal.

There has been a message central to addressing those who I left in the dust as I just wanted to have prophetic encounters and release revivals all over the world. It is time to mend some relationships of people that got left behind in my quest for awakening.

Some of these relationships are critical because when I am seeing angels, open visions, prophetic experiences, and other supernatural encounters; I am pretty broken and the struggles of PTSD come out very loudly. There are people that God put in my life that keep me functional as a person.

Remembering the Intercessor!

There is three people that God has put in my life to be a strength. One of them is who I married. Another one is a worship leader who can bring Heaven down in part. The third one has been on my mind a lot lately. She is the Father Nash of Peter Vandever.

She was the puriest human I have ever seen. To my knowledge, she never kissed a man in her life and every discussion she had with anyone I know was very wholesome. At some point, she drove 143 miles just to lay hands on me at the Houston Airport before leaving for Nepel. She was just so passionate about the ministry God did through me.

I can not tell how many times we sit for hours at coffee shops and talking about the prophetic, the coming revival and Heaven. She called me once from the Cayman Islands just to chat about the heavenly.

What people do not know is she was the one that carried me through a very dark time in 2007. In the natural, I was falling apart and things were quite ugly. She drove from Atlanta to Kansas City just to see me and pray for me.

It was the last time I saw here in the flesh. When I was doing evangelism in the nation of Tokelau (where there is very little communications) she was killed by a drunk driver in North Carolina. I did not even make it back for the funeral.

Recently, I have felt the leading of the Lord to go visit her grave for the first time which is going to be an emotional thing for me. I have wondered if I would have been in the US if we would not have had a Lazarus on our hands. In the end, she is dancing with the angels throwing down crowns and cheering from Heaven for what is about to break out!

How is everything else?

I am in the process of making hard decisions that could have long term effects on my personal life and ministry. As a result, I have to spend a large amount of time in prayer. Some of the things on the table are things that are permanent and can not be changed. I have to get these right.

One of those decisions is my traveling. I feel the Lord wants me to be in a location, build some relationship in a region, and be planted. The question becomes where to do that. Whatever move is next should be the final one for several years. I have had a blast traveling the world but the time has come to be planted somewhere.

I am doing fine financially and am not really needing to do fund raising which is amazing in and of itself. God is my provider.

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