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Perry Stone claims tsunami is coming to America

Perry Stone, an evangelist based in Cleveland, Tennessee and former bishop in the Church of God has said that he had a prophetic dream of a tsunami coming to America. Many people have said the same thing in the past. Some of them even given dates such as John Paul Jackson (which were wrong!) So what we make of this prophetic word biblically?

Let me say a few things, first. I do not question Perry’s love for the Word of God. We might not agree on everything and some application of a few texts but I believe he has a deep love for the scriptures and for the truth within. I also know, from mutual friends, that he loves his family and tries to walk in purity. While he has made some poor choices in the past, I believe he does desire holiness. There is not a question of integrity in the case of Perry Stone.

So what do we do with prophetic words like this? I personally would apply Colossians 2:18 to the release of these type of words,

Do not let anyone who delights in false humility and the worship of angels disqualify you. Such a person also goes into great detail about what they have seen; they are puffed up with idle notions by their unspiritual mind.

In other words, do not share prophetic encounters beside in small, personal contexts.

What to make out of this from Perry Stone?

He tried to draw on the stories of Noah to say that there is coming tsunamis worldwide because in the days of Noah is a type and shadow of the times right before the rapture of the Church. It is clear that Perry believes these waves crashing against the coast are of destruction, not revival. In the video, we tried to tie the Greek word, echo to the waves coming onto the land in the United States, namely the east coast of the United States.

What we do know is at we get closer to the catching up of the saints, both natural disasters and revival will become more of a reality. Scripture is clear that natural calamity is “birthing pains” and the Church will walk in hope and authority caring for the hurting and the traumatized. There is no question, theologically speaking, that things like this are coming and will be more often. I know we will see much more activity in the earth and that will cause things like this to manifest. We know this from scripture.

So no matter how we take the prophetic dream that Perry has shared, we know this is going to happen as we are in the last days. We don’t need 7 dreams, 3 visions, 2 angels and a trip to heaven to know that this type of natural activity is going to be real in the coming days. We could be much closer than we realize. Personally, I believe we will see the rapture of the Church in my lifetime.

Preparation is key?

Perry holds that people need to be preparing for disaster. It talks about having water, food and medical supplies in the event of a disaster like a tsunami. This is smart to do but we have to make sure we are not being driven by conspiracy theories. Isaiah 8:12 tells that we do not consider what the world calls a conspiracy but we are to fear God. We do not worry about the latest claims of judgement on the earth. The truth is we will be gone by the time the seals, trumpets, and bowls are poured out. There is a reason that believers are not mentioned after the third chapter of Revelation.

There are ministries that built their whole message on “trouble is coming.” Some of them even sell “Tribulation kits” for survival. All this is is well marketed consumerism. If anything really goes down, they will be useless against mother nature. There is nothing wrong with having some supplies ready if there is some major natural calamity. However, make sure you are getting them from quality sources, not some ministry that is marketing anything that people will buy.

I take some of these warning very seriously. The truth is that things will get intense right before the rapture. If there is a tornado the size of a hurricane touch down on my street; I am prepared with what I need to survive until there is help from other sources. Again, nothing wrong with it but our faith in Jesus will rescue us from wrath.

Understanding prophetic dreams

We do not see a lot of prophetic dreams in the New Testament and only one visitation that was really talked about. (Book of Revelation) It is logically to believe there dreams were happening all the time in the Book of Acts. After all, Peter said that it was connected to Joel 2:28: a prophetic promise of dreams and visions. It seems that many were having these types of dreams but there were not shared.

The reason for this is it seems they were considered for personal guidance, not congregational instruction or to publish to move around the churches in a region. This is the reason that most prophetic experiences that I have are only shared within my close circles of friends. I hold that a seasoned prophetic person can discern the dream, interpret it, and apply it from scripture without even telling anyone about the dream itself. The attention must remain on Jesus, not the prophet.

In the last days, we know there will be a false prophetic movement that will be closer to eastern religion than Christianity. We are seeing this happen before our eyes. Any prophecy that does not call us to higher levels of faith in Christ and deeper levels of personal holiness must be rejected as a lying dream. (I am not saying that Perry’s dream is one!)

The most important thing we can do with prophetic dreams is to throw out the new age “prophetic dream dictionaries” and sit at the feet of Jesus asking for an increase in discernment.



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