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A.A. Allen on Pentecostal Prayer

Pentecostal prayer was at the heart of the healing revival. We like to call it “Korean Style” now but it it was very common in the healing revivals of the 1950’s. Oral Roberts and A.A. Allen was men of prayer before they were evangelists. Did you know that Dr. Roberts favorite song was “He walks with me?”

Pentecostal prayer is praying with expectation that the power of God will fall and lives would be changed by our communion with the Holy Spirit as we pray as the Lord gives us utterances. This is most commonly known as praying in tongues.

The hallmark of the Pentecostal movement was the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the initial physical evidence of receiving a prayer language. In short, it was about Pentecostal prayer. The Pentecostal movement was primarily a prayer movement.

The revival of healing in the 1950’s was a product of the prayer movements in the early days of Pentecostal churches and more recently, the Latter Rain revival in Canada.

Pentecostal Prayer with A.A. Allen

If the Son of God must spend long hours of the night, when the rest of the world was sleeping, alone on the mountain top with His Father, in order that He might be able to cast out even those demons of whom He said, “This kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting” (Matt. 17:21), surely His disciple also must spend hours in fasting and prayer, waiting upon God — learning to think and act in unison with God — before he can expect to cast out such demons.

With those words, A.A. Allen tells us his position of the issue. He believed that we must practice Pentecostal Prayer to walk in supernatural power in our generation. The world is waiting for us to be filled with anointing to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out devils. It all starts in the secret place!

This is an the old term “tarrying” that we hardly hear anymore. What did it mean to tarry? We would pray all night for someone to be healed. It did not matter if we got home at 5am, as long as they got their miracle. We did not believe in drive thru Christianity that many are embracing today. Altar calls could go on for hours at a time. It was the breeding grounds for revivals that lasted weeks at a time.

Too many churches think that being Spirit filled is a cop out for their lack of Pentecostal prayer. This simply is not true. We need to pray more, way more, than we do. We need to get back to tarrying in the Holy Ghost for hours at a time. This is what Pentecostal Prayer is all about.

A.A. Allen, with all his problems, believed in tarrying for the presence of God. He did alot of things right. He could bring the anointing of the Holy Spirit to the people and the culture of Heaven would touch broken people here on earth. Being baptized in the Holy Spirit will anoint you but it is not a fix all, either.

Oral Roberts

Pentecostal Prayer was murdered by faith

I believe in the faith movement. I am very thankful for what God did in Tulsa and am proud to say I am a graduate of Oral Roberts University. However, I believe the concept of tarrying in the Spirit was killed by the faith movement. faith is now and we must expect God to move now. That is great but we gave up on Pentecostal Prayer because we wanted to have “Now Faith.”

In no way am I saying that we should not walk in faith; however, the faith message came at a very high cost to us. We lost some very important ideals that we really need to revive. Pentecostal prayer is one of those. We can’t live in the Spirit without it.

The old tarrying was about desperation. The new faith message was about expectation. I do not see them at war. We can pray in desperation and do it in expectation at the same time. It is possible. Really, it is.

The challenge is adding layers to our spirituality, not replacing them. As a classic Pentecostal, that is my foundation. I believe in the faith message. It is not a new foundation but an added layer to it. I believe in the renewal out of Toronto and Pensacola; they are new layers as well. When we understand layers of revelation; we will murder truth for a new emphasis anymore.

We need a Pentecostal Prayer revival

I love what God is doing with Mike Bickle and the International House of Prayer…even if it is not Pentecostal anymore. I love what God is doing with the soaking movement with Catch the Fire Toronto. However, the Pentecostal movements need a revival of Pentecostal prayer for ourselves. We need to get back to tarrying for the power from above!

Growing up, Friday night would be the all night prayer meeting at the church. We would pray in tongues and do what we saw in Acts 2 every weekend. It was play football then go to prayer meetings. No questions what the plans for Friday was in our family. Church do not have these anymore. Prayer meetings have been replaced with cell groups.

The Brownsville Revival did not happen because they were having great community meetings; it happened because they having great prayer meetings. John Kilpatrick has committed to praying and blessing America for years before revival broke out. Faithfulness in prayer is our became the bedrock for the revival.

There must be a renewal of Pentecostal prayer in our churches if we want to see wholesale revival break out in our church services and for the lost to coming to Christ. Nothing less will do the trick. It does not matter how cool our worship leader is and how revelant you think the sermon are. Only Pentecostal prayer will bring revival.


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