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Power of Pentecost empower forgiveness

John Hemans

I was on Facebook and someone sent me this article from Australia and I think it is a powerful story about a pastor named John Hemans. A man went from being molested by a leader, to drugs and living in sin, to pastoring a church that proclaims the power of Pentecost every week!

This is what we love to read about. People that have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus, set free and preaching the full gospel with signs and wonders following.

The story of John Hemans is not abnormal. I hear stories like this all the time and all over the world. The Spirit of God will set anyone free that wants to be free!

Power of Pentecost makes us forgive

One of the amazing things about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit is not just the miracles. It is the power to forgive people even when it hurts. The power of God will give us the grace to release others in our lives.

Yeah, to be honest. but only on the surface. Sure I felt like ‘Mate, I wanna punch you in the face’ but you have to go beyond that. There’s a deeper truth. I feel sorry for perpetrators and want to see them set free.

Jiohn Hemans is speaking of the reality of the Spirit baptized life. It gives us the anointing to release people that have hurt us. It is not always easy but it is something that we have to do if we want to be forgiven. After all, Jesus said our forgiveness is based on our ability to forgive.

John Hemans: Victim to Pastor 

These are the stories that I love to hear about. It starts out with the person being a victim and it ends with them helping others walk free from traumatic experience.

Being a victim is never a place to set up camp. It might be your valley of the shadow of death but you are just asking through it. Too many people try and buy some land, build a home and raise a family in the valley of death. Remember, you are just passing through it.

One of the most encouraging stories in the gospel is when Jesus calms the storm at the end of Mark 4. He told them they were going over the other side and they got there. The disciplines did not plan for the storm that stood in their way but they still made it. God never promised that you would not arrive at your destiny with a few rugged up feathers.

John Hemans is the pastor of Open Heaven Foursqaure Church. They are located just outside of Sydney in Prestons, NSW. If you are ever in Sydney, check them out.


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