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Pentecostal Church becomes Mosque?

To say this news is not a little upsetting, I would be lying. A Pentecostal Church in Smithfield, NC has become a new mosque for muslims. While it is not because of the Pentecostal becoming muslims, it is still upsetting to see a place that once proclaimed the power of Pentecost become a center for spiritual darkness.

Realizing that it was just a facility on the open market, there is nothing “wrong” with it besides the fact that it is a sign of the dying Pentecostal churches in eastern United States. People who use to tarry for all night prayer gatherings are now happy for their thirty minutes of having your best life now and being purpose driven.

Every community should have a witness of the power of God and there should be a place where people can worship and experience the power of the Spirit within their community. With more and more churches closing, this should concern us in the Pentecostal Church.

Pentecostal Church loses all crosses

The crosses, without surprise, are being removed from the old Pentecostals of Smithfield church and they will be handed over to a group of pastors. Ali Mohammad that is leading the mosque has worked with local spiritual leaders for the establishment of Islam in the area.

What is concerning is how pastors are accepting them with arms wide open.  Jim Melnyk from the local Episcopal church went as far as saying, “Christianity and Islam share common origins and scriptures and that he felt it was important to participate in the mosque opening as a sign of mutual respect.”

Christianity and Islam have little in common besides geography of major events. Otherwise, the values, the principals, and the goals of their faith are far from each as the Pope is from marriage. They have nothing in common. While Melnyk is trying to be political correct; he is historically, socially, and spiritually wrong.

Melnyk gives the gospel challenge

Christianity is meant to be hard, to challenge you to go into the tough places. I see this as a very positive thing, and if anyone is hurt or offended by it I challenge them to read the gospels a little more closely.

I would like to take Rev. Melnyk up on the challenge. I have read the gospels many times. It is a regular thing that I do. In fact, I try to read the gospel in one setting at least one a month and I read the book of Acts through every single month.

Jesus made some very bold statements like that He alone was the way, truth, and life and no one can come to the Father without Him. (John 14:6) The gospels, especially John, make it very clear that faith is in Christ alone.

As a ministry, we hold to the belief that it is by faith alone, through grace alone, and in Christ alone. Anything more than that is dead works. Click here for a more detailed theologically statement.

We wish the best for people in Smithfield and that the believers of faith will be able to evangelize the Muslims in the regions. I have seen many former followers of Islam coming to the saving knowledge of Christ.


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