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Paula White is NOT the spoke person for Pentecostals!

I am not a fan of Paula White. Let’s get that in the open. I also am not a fan of preaching people into heaven. Both of them happened the other day at a Donald Trump rally. While I did vote for Donald in the Missouri primary; Paula White trying to say he is a strong believer and God’s destiny for America is over the top. It is completely over the top!

I could dig into why I do not like her but that is not an issue here. We have a woman that has been involved in numerous things including leaving her husband and going on vacation with a married man in Europe. It is one thing to be broken, it is another to put your brokenness on full display to the world. She has not only made a laughing stock out of herself but out of everyone that has ever been connected to her. People like the late TL Lowery, Benny Hinn and TD Jakes.

In the rare chance that something by her comes across my news feed on Facebook, I know it will be something that is either completely elementary or some that is not even left field; it is out of the whole ball park it is so unbiblical.

Paula White preached Donald Trump into heaven

My problem with this: Donald Trump is NOT a believer. He is a Republican but he is not a born again, blood washed believer in Christ Jesus. Even people like Paula White try and preach like he is…. it is sick. It is like when the preacher tries to preach a sinner into heaven at a funeral. It is non-sense.

Let me be very clear. No matter how much people like Paula White or anyone else tries, Donald Trump can only get born again on his own will by the accepting that He needs the Savior, believing in the work of the Cross and confessing Jesus as his personal Savior. No one else can do it for him. There is no spiritual grandsons in the Kingdom; not sons and daughters!


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