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Paula White needs your prayers : A prophetic dream for her soul!

I had a prophetic dream last night about Paula White. I have struggled with going public with this but after talking with a few friends and people I trust, it seems the common view is blow this out and call to the intercessors to pray.

Let’s get something out in the open. I am not a fan of her. I am sickened by her presentation of the gospel in many ways and making a politician into a modern messiah is completely uncalled for. (Before conservatives yell, I did vote for that person in the election) The verdict is out about the Jezebel spirit.

I have long hold to the view that Paula White has a mixture of spirits and I would not receive from her. I have concerned about a few others as well. It is not a personal thing. I believe Cindy Jacobs is way off base and she has a very different doctrinal paradigm. I have also expressed concerns about John Paul Jackson.

I also need to state clearly that every reasonable attempt has been made to reach her directly. I have even asked people that might have personal contacts and no one seems to have the relationship to get to her. There is a heavy matter.

There is much more to this dream but I am going to only realize the basics. I do not want this to become a gossip mill.

Paula White speaking at a women’s conference

Why I believe Paula White is in danger

In the prophetic dream, I saw Paula White struggle with the spirit of pharmakeia. For those who do not know greek, that is the word we get pharmacy from. It means drugs. To be blunt, I saw Paula White is struggle with some form of an addiction to drugs. This is not new to her or those who grew up with her.

I do not want to get into the details but Paula has a long history of dealing with brokenness from addiction. This comes from some sexual brokenness as a child and a long battle with eating disorders. Many can debate the thorn in the flesh. For White, it is clearly a weakness to addictive behavior!

She has had quite the past. Her recent past is very colorful. I believe she is struggling, not in rebellion. I want to make this very clear. Struggling is acceptable in the Kingdom. Rebellion on the other hand is not.

Donald Trump and Paula White speaking at White House

Thoughts on the Donald Trump connection

The fact is that is that Paula White is an adviser to the President and according to her, he came to Christ during the election. Excuse my questioning it but I question any radical spiritual transformation among Republican during election years. It is just too easy to use in order to milk the Pentecostals for votes.

She is one of the people that speak to the president about matters of faith and what the Lord is speaking to America. It is concerning that this is one of the people who could tell him Donald Trump to head to war is a broken woman from Mississippi that has several personal struggles. Jerry Falwell Jr, Robert Jeffress, Michele Bachmann, Mark Burns, Kenneth Copeland, and Jentezen Franklin are also advising the President.

I do not believe that Paula has a biblical right to be in leadership of any form, regardless of the prophetic dream. She is re-married and her personal affairs are out of order. 1 Timothy 3 lays this out clearly.



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