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Paul Cain is dead at 89.

I did not expect this but one of my heroes of the faith has died. Paul Cain, a major leader in the prophetic movement has went to Heaven this morning. He has been a major impact on many and even a greater impact on me as a person. The times Paul ministered to me was not about the ministry I led or the thousand I impact but just about my own life.

As a teenager, he helped me give language to what I believed about eschatology. At the time, believing in a revival based view of the end-times was not very popular outside of churches connected with the Brownsville Revival. Paul Cain was one that gave me the language to express it with Stadium Christianity.

I also remember the meeting in 1999 at Metro Christian Fellowship in Kansas City that he turned and pointed at me and said “You are going to confrontational, create controversy, and be widely misunderstood.” That prophetic word was a guiding blueprint for the next 20 plus years of ministry. All three of those things have proven themselves to be true.

However, the Paul Cain that I will remember is the prophet that called me on the phone when no one was looking. It was not about making people think he was amazing. He was calling because he received a word of knowledge that I needed prayer and encouragement, especially when I lived overseas.

At the end of the day, the life of Paul Cain bridges William Brahnam, the healing revival, the Vineyard movement, the prophetic movement, Toronto, and Lakeland all together. What an amazing mixture!

Impartation for a generation?

I was not alive when Smith Wigglesworth passed away to get an impartation or to put up his mantle. I was not there where John. G. Lake or Keith Green went to heaven, either. However, I am here and Paul Cain was my Smith Wigglesworth. He has laid hands on me and prayed for the prophetic mantle to be passed to me numberous times.

This is the closing of a generation of revivalist.

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