Having a prophecy-driven life

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I had my heart and efforts set on moving to the Philippines and returning to missions work. I have deep love for the flipino people and I...

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Why I believe in Arminianism!


I have been having some great discussions with a Canadian friend that is leading a movement there about the concept of “5 points of...

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Do you let humanity move you?

House Keeping, Missiology, Theology

I am sitting here in my office in St. Joe thinking about a quote of Bono from U2,    the going rate for change is not cheap. Big ideas...

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Is all philosophy bad?

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Can I confess something? As an christian leader and minister, one verse that many people interpret a certian way has really bother me for...

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Seek God’s face, Lee University

Missiology, Prophecy, Revival

I will never forget Feb. 8, 2006. I was in my office working on my things when I got a call from a friend of mine that is in Asbury...

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The Forerunner Prophecy

Church History, Missiology, Prophecy, Revival

Recently, I was at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City and The Holy Spirit began to minister this prophetic message to me: He...

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