Is there a reason that I do not choose to use my real name in most of my articles? Many people do know who I am in, especially in the Pentecostal movement and in academic circles. Those who need to know my real identity do. The truth is exposing myself on the website is just another layer of risk that I must takes as public figure.

People using names that other than their own for security reason is very common. It is also common place for people to use pen names as needed. Believe it or not, Mark Twain’s name was not really Mark Twain. For the cause of privacy and security; many have chosen to limited their access to the public.

The world is full of very crazy people and when you add to the mix that background I have and the anointing that I carry; I take the threats of demonic people serious. When, more than if, I do receive these threats; they are referred to the local, state and federal law enforcement agencies.

When there is a website that is committed to Holy Ghost revival that has over 30,000 views a month and spikes up to 100,000 views, It is a threat to the enemy, his angels and his warriors. When I have personally delivered medicines and bibles to war torn areas within the 10/40 windows; the devil is threatened. The enemy is fearful because PV is loved by heaven and feared by hell!

History of Azusa Report

Azusa Report was started out a prophecy by Bob Jones many years ago. He told me privately on a trip to Moriviah Falls that I would be more known for my writing of short teachings that I would be for my books or my preaching ministry. This website is a fulfillment of that prophecy. Every day, I reach over a 1,000 people across the world. In fact, the very first post on this website was the Forerunner Prophecy I gave in 2003.

15 years and four million views later, it is amazing how far reaching some of the teachings have gone. What I thought was just a way to keep track of a few prophetic words I received about revival in college has become one of the most read blogs in Pentecostal circles.

All of that said, I want the focus to be on Holy Ghost revival and where this thing is going (us theology people call this eschatology). Anything that does not call us to greater hunger for revival and miracles in our midst is what Solomon called “little foxes” that sidetrack us. I do not ever want my own name to attach to what we know will be a nameless and faceless revival.

The following is the words of Jason Upton’s prophetic song about this issue.

World-wide is your strategy But shinning star I hope you see

If the whole wide world is staring straight at you
They can’t see me…

Answering Angry Trolls

The truth is I owe no one anything. Period.

However, there is also people who question my credentials to preach, pray and to prophesy. I will leave the whole fact that minister vs laity is a Catholic doctrine and was not practiced by the Apostolic believers in Acts. I will also add that I have no biblical requirement to be accountable to anyone who has not invested in my spiritual life. Trolls and Devils are not investing in my calling for the cause of Christ.

With that said, I do still maintain credentials to “marry and bury.” It has zero spiritual authority (as does college degrees) but merely a legality in the United States. I also am working (very slowly) at continuing my theological education. Systematic theology won’t set your daughter free from  Anorexia. Exgesis can’t deliver your son from meth, either. Theology can’t do what only the fire baptized and tongue talking Pentecostal can do.

I do not feel a need to “proof” anything to anyone because the people who demand it will find a way to discredit anything they don’t want to believe. Just like the Baptist claim they believe in tongues but have never seen it; those seeking to discredit will find the smallest thing to moan about. They do not deserve my time to listen to their complaints.

If these angry trolls saw me lay hands on someone and a limb grow out; they would find a way to claim it was a trick. At the end of the day, they just don’t want to believe! There is a reason that Paul made it clear that it is impossible to please the Lord without faith.

Winds of Change

In late February, I received a prophecy from a friend that the winds of change was coming to Azusa Report and I needed to take preemptive steps to have the capacity for the harvest coming. Around this time, I also become concerned about my privacy could be attacked by abuse of Freedom of Information laws.

Actions were made to no longer be a non-profit organization or what we call 501c3. Azusa Report is now legally a for profit media business. There are some benefits to doing this as well. No longer would the blog be subjected to the Johnson Amendment. It also takes away the fact of someone crying to the IRS if they get their butt hurt by something I write about.

The payoff of protection of private and financial information in the future in exchange for paying taxes as well worth it. No longer can people try and use laws about the government to demand that I release Form 990. As a private business, they have no course of action to receive any information whatsoever.

What about the board that was required? It has been disbanded as well. It was mostly just for legal reasons anyways. I think all of us met twice in over 12 years that the board existed. Most business was done via email or phone. It is not needed anymore under current structures.

Privacy does matter

The bottom line is I will take the needed actions, if necessary, to protect myself, my information, location, and people who relate to the work at hand. I do not care what people say about the blog because of I don’t release my name, address, financials, or any other ridiculous demand they make.  It is none of their business and they can cry “accountability” until the Missouri River floods again.


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