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Open letter to Paul Washer

I came across a video on Youtube of Paul Washer being asked about Pentecostals and namely, Bill Johnson and Bethel Redding. How could someone like Washer view us.

The funny thing about this is I was introduced to his preaching by someone that worked for Bethel Church when I lived in Redding. I just find it somewhat comical.

In the video, they talk about a conference put on by John MacArthur. He is a known critic of anything Pentecostal and will not dialog with us or anyone else. I know that Dr. Michael L. Brown has tried on several occasions. They also mention Justin Peters who made a fool of himself to Todd Bentley in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Paul Washer believes Pentecostals are confused

In the video, he says that there are some genuine believers in the Pentecostal movement that are just confused. It is odd to see him here endorsing Leonard Ravenhill, a statement of the Pentecostal movement. I can promise you that Leonard Ravenhill would not condemn Pentecostals. The Brownsville Revival came as a direct result of people mentored by him.

It is one thing for Paul Washer to disagree with us on some issues; it is another to call basically say that we are deceived. It is also a point of pride to assume that someone is dead wrong on an issue that is not related to Soteriology.

While I am not a Baptist, I am not going to tell them they are going to hell for not being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I love them as our brothers and sisters in Christ.

On a side note, Paul Washer completely misrepresent what we believe about the gospel, social issues, and our eschatology. There will be no gay preachers in the Pentecostal churches in my lifetime.

Justin Peters

The Endorsement of Justin Peters

As stated above, he endorsed a book about Leonard Ravenhill and then he tells people to follow the teachings of Justin Peters, a known hater of anything Pentecostal. Peters also does not believe the Holy Spirit speaks today, among other things.

To put it simple, Justin Peters is mad that he did not get healed by R.W. Schambach many years ago. He has made it his life work to discredit Pentecostal evangelists. It is not our fault that he has a disability (I have one myself). In the end, we are dealing with a self-appointed heresy hunter using out of context clips to make people say whatever he wants to misrepresent them.

In the end, Paul Washer, like Justin Peters, has not tried to understand the theology of the Pentecostal movement or even engaged with us. I have tried to reach out Justin personally and was willing even debate him on Pneumatology. I would offer the same opportunity to Paul Washer as well.

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