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Open Letter from Peter Vandever

This journey people call “ministry” started on the floor of the Brownsville Revival on August 4, 1998. What I saw that night changed me forever. I committed my life to revival and to the harvest all my days. I have never looked back. I am still deeply convinced that the greatest revival known to humanity is coming quickly.

The best days for the global church, especially in the United States are ahead of us. God has promised that we will see one billion people come to radical transformation and the a large amount of that will be in America. We know that is coming.  No, not everyone will get saved and there will be some falling away as well. Both will happen side by side!

For nearly five years, I cried out in the place of prayer daily as a modern Anna (Luke 2:36-38) for the outpouring. There are moves happening in this time any later, many though when the revival in Mobile came out of nowhere; revival had come and Stadium Christianity were imminent.

In 2015, while living in the Philippines, through a series of encounters, I was given what I call the days of Zephaniah, it is a blueprint for coming judgements and revival in America. It is intense and the church is largely not prepared. This is scary because judgement begins at the house of God. (1 Peter 4:17)

The Christmas encounter

I had a prophetic dream a days before that I would find out the interpretation is harsh fulfillment within two hours. Nothing could prepare you to for what came to me that day in the natural. After some long discussion with advisors and friends, I needed to hear from the Lord. There is wisdom (strategy) in the council of men but rarely is it prophetic or carrying the spirit of revelation (Ephesians 1:17)

Christmas morning, I did what is my custom every year that I have been in the United States. I go and pray for revival at the International House of Prayer. I have done this many times. I was planning for a long boring day of contenting for awakening while the nation is consuming with commercialism.

As I sit there, I had angels come on me. I fully aware of of their presence and the fear of the Lord came on me. I literally was shaking in the presence of the Lord. As I was shaken, I was taken into a vision. This is not uncommon for me but this time, there was something different about it.

I saw a storm brewing that was very large. It looked like a hurricane but it was just brewing. It was not moving towards the land. It was just sitting over some water. I got in a small boat and went out to the storm. As I got closer to it, the more intense the worship I was doing in the boat got. As I worshipped in tongues, the storm would break up.

This encounter rocked me for days. I had peace but fear (and questions). This was no ordinary prayer meeting for me at all!

The difference in encounter

I normally had encounters about things coming to the nation or the church. I might have something to give a leader of some type but this was very different. This time, I was fully aware of my own brokenness, my pain, and my struggle. These type of encounters make you realize that you are not as good with God as you think. In light of his holiness, we are completely broken. (Grace is amazing!)

Like many, I have singed in worship, I give you my heart but in this moment, the Lord came through my soul and revealed areas of it that was not committed to him. He wanted to know about this area of my soul that was submitted to Him? Why had I kept that area from being touched by Him? Jesus is the heart surgeon of heart surgeons.

This supernatural experience was not about revival, harvest, America or the church world. It was about me. While the storm was brewing, the Lord was saying “I stand at the door and knock.” (Revelation 3:20) Hurt people hurt people but healed people heal people.

In the days that follow, there was a season of prophetic encounters that was confirmation after confirmation. Prophetic words from strangers. People I had not talked to in years giving me words not knowing much about what happened.

Then, I go to the doctor a few days later and he told that my pancreas is about 95% healed which does not happen. There was a medical confirmed miracle as a confirmation as well. This is not something that I can deny. The CT scans do not lie!

Then, I gave a word on December 31 that restoration was coming in 2021 and it would be white as snow. What happens on New Year’s Day? We had the worst snow storm that I have seen in years in Kansas City. No one was moving and even the government vehicles were not going anywhere. This is the signs in the earth!

Dealings with the Lord

Anyone close to me knows of a major issue within my life that I have refused to address for many years. It is a cause of much pain and the damage related to it has been wide spread. I have made every excuse on how I can’t do something about it. However, the Spirit has pushed everything off the table and said deal with this issue and nothing else until you bring it in light with the will of God.

By the grace of the Lord, I have been able to pray for people, preach the gospel and operate in the prophetic ministry even though there was an issue the size of the Grand Canyon in my life. The call of God does not disappear and the mantle can operate independent of your own junk for quite some time.

In the six weeks prior to the experiences in the Spirit, I was working behind the scenes to launch an outreach to the poor, the addicted and the homeless in Kansas City. The vision was to raise a work that would be a platform for a modern Acts 8 revival.

After the encounter, I do not even really care to preach or “do ministry.” I am more concerned with doing what the Holy Spirit has commissioned me to do in this season and it has nothing to do with revival, evangelism or the ministry. The dealings of the Lord is about something far more important in my heart than leading a move of God.

The Prophet’s hedge!

One of the most critical things I have to do is get back to seeking the Lord for the sake of intimacy. There has been many times in the past that my intimacy with the Lord was based on getting a message for an outreach or hearing the Holy Spirit to give a prophetic word to someone. The times of just being in his presence for the sake of being the One that I love has not been the dominant factor.

The desire to hear the Holy Spirit just because I love the presence of Him has been to be the driver again. Many people right now would tell me to hit the gas because of we are about to go into the days of Zephaniah. This is the manifestation of over twenty years of intercession. However, everything in the Spirit is yelling to hit the brakes!

There is a hedge of protection when things are in order. The difference between a wise virgin and a foolish virgin in this late hour will be that hedge of order. Those who do not want have it will fail when the judgements break out. Jezebel will come through any breakage and the demons of hell will attack the prophets and evangelists because their time is limited.

If I were to be honest, the hedge around me is not strong. I have not allowed the issues that break it to be healed. There are relationships in my life that need healing. There are people who are called to run with me that are not. There is understanding from the Spirit that I need and do not have. It is time to work on the hedge before it is too late.

Revival is still coming!

There is no way I am backing down on revival. It is coming and it will bring millions into the Kingdom of God. It will start with the broken, the addicted and the homeless. Watch how God moves in their three areas. I have not and will not give up on the move of the Holy Spirit.

It is just important that the hedge of protection is in place and the hidden areas of my heart was dealt with before the days of Zephaniah or I will fall due to my own brokenness. God is serious about addressing the hidden areas of pain and struggle so we can stand in the times of testing that are coming.

….So we must let go of every wound that has pierced us and the sin we so easily fall into. Then we will be able to run life’s marathon race with passion and determination, for the path has been already marked out before us. (Hebrews 12:1-2)

Dealing with every wound is the call of God for the prophetic minister or forerunner. It is critical to run the race and finish the course that you have the passion to finish the great commission and end the age of the Holy Spirit. This is easier said that done. Dealing with every wound means painful times of intercession and hard discussions with people that you would rather not talk with vulnerable people in our lives.

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