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Open Challenge to Justin Peters

Justin Peters is a personality in the Christian radio space. He is also an Anti-Pentecostal teacher who has been asked about his views numerous times. One of the people that has confronted his view is Dr. Michael L. Brown.

However, to date, Justin Peters Ministries has refused to return my letters asking Justin to a academic debate about his views on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Pentecostal movement. This will serve as an open challenge to him to come to the table and “let us reason together.”

If he is so sure of his theological bent that he learned at Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, why is he so slow to have the open dialog with me. Is it because he knows his position holds no weight doctrinally and he can’t be deceptive in a debate like he was at Open Bible Fellowship in Tulsa. This is where he pretended to want prayer just to “confront” Todd Bentley in the middle of the meeting. Yes, they was completely out of order and against the New Testament.

Here is my challenge to Justin Peters

You are completely sure that all Pentecostals and especially anyone that believes that God does not want us completely broke and beaten down is a heretic. You want everyone to know that you did not get healed when R.W. Schambach prayed for you once. You are angry because you have a disability and if you are not healed, God must never heal anyone.

You are completely unfaithful to the New Testament and twist the word of God to meet your bent to present your bitterness to anyone that will listen.

I am sick of it. I am a missionary but when I am next in the United States, I will meet you in any city in the country for an academic debate. There will no name calling. It will just be the two of us and our bibles. We can reason it out and I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are wrong about Pentecostals like myself.

I do not care where it is. You seem to have a strong view about Bethel Church. Why not ask them to host a debate where you can openly “educate me” in front of all their students on why God quit being God at 70AD? I can personally guarantee that IHOP University in Kansas City would openly welcome the discussion as well. If neither of them are conformable to you, Oral Roberts University would be an option. (We both have roots in Tulsa)

The simple fact is you do not want honest theological discussion. You want to deceive people like you did asking for prayer at the meeting with Todd Bentley. You want to bully people from the radio show without dialog. Dr. Brown took it very easy on you. I want to see you actually defend your position. The truth is you can’t. It is why you pick on people who you know don’t have a depth of theological inquiry like Todd.

Any city of your choosing. I will make it happen. It is the golden opportunity for you to educate the Pentecostal movement how “evil” we are.

Why he won’t face me?

It would destroy his whole platform. If you take away his “Pentecostals are the devil” campaign and that we are all a bunch of con artists just taking offerings so we can live in 12,000 square foot homes; he has nothing left of value to talk about. His financial support as a ministry would dry up overnight.

It is not beneficial to them to face a Pentecostal that believes in revival, healing, the move of the Spirit and is well versed in Greek, Hebrew, Arabic and a student of church history. It threatens the very existence of these heresy hunters.

Picking on Todd Bentley in a middle of a service is easy. Everyone knows he has theological challenges. Why doesn’t Justin Peters quit being a bully and pick on someone that can defend their views?



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