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Norvel Hayes : My Encounter with the Faith Healer

I met Norvel Hayes very briefly back in 2004. It was at a prayer meeting in Cleveland, Tennessee of Pentecostal and Charismatic pastors. He was there as the leader of New Life Church there in downtown Cleveland.

It was an interesting meeting as he come from a different generation, almost two generations before me. He was a leader in the charismatic movement and what we call the “Word of Faith Movement.” While I believe in parts of the teachings of prosperity, I am more a classic Pentecostal in doctrine and what they call “third wave” in application.

By the turn of the century, his popularity is not what it once was but he was still doing amazing things for the Kingdom of God.

My meeting with Norvel Hayes

I was not in his office but 30 minutes but I was glad for the opportunity to hear the heart of someone who had traveled the world. We called for most of the meeting about healing and deliverance. His message to the Church was that Jesus still heals and delivers more than revival and missions.

While I did not share all of his views on healing, namely about Epilepsy; I did find value in our time together and I developed a respect for his ministry deeper that I had before because of the time we had together in his office.

What is New Life Bible Church?

Norvel Hayes used Cleveland as a base and he ended up started a church as a result. He planted New Life Bible College and then New Life Bible Church. It is the local expression of his wider traveling ministry. The church and school remains open to this day.

They also do a lot of work with the hurting in a city known for drawing Pentecostals. This is a critical work. Sometimes people come in faith yet suffer disappointment. New Life reaches out to the those people….those expressing financially disappointment especially.

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