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Nigeria embracing Dominion theology : Elections brings out the worse in Pentecostals

Someone send me a piece from Nigerian Tribute, a local newspaper where the President of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria believes that the future of the nation is related to how the believe vote in the upcoming elections.

Felix Omobude went on record as saying,

We should support our own. We should encourage our members to get registered, arm themselves with voter cards, so that by the time we need to speak, we will speak correctly.

He would go to say more as well,

the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) does not count prayers, they count votes.

When you really think this through and what he was really saying, it is downright concerning. He believes that voting for “the Christians guys” has more power than intercession. This is Dominion theology at the core level.

How Nigeria could lose

The country has been for some time seeing a major gathering of souls. The biggest examples would be through Reinhard Bonnke and Daniel Kolenda but there has been a lot of people doing amazing works in Nigeria. It is not just Christ for All Nations.

The focus has been turning to the gospel and putting complete faith in Jesus Christ. However, the teaching of Dominion theology makes politicians who claim to be of faith into little messiahs to save the country in the name of Jesus. This is a big difference.

A trip down memory lane reminds us that the power of the Holy Spirit was strongest when believers were hated by political groups and that miracles stop when we become the “popular” thing. Constantine the Great became a believer and he made Christianity the official religion. The global church took over a 1,000 year to recover from him doing that too.

In the end, Nigeria needs to remember that Jesus did not come to start a political party but He came to bring the government of God, the Kingdom to mankind. The answer for Nigeria is revival of the saints, not political parties.

Should believers vote?

There is no question that we should do our duty as citizens of our nation to take part in the democratic process. However, there is no power in doing so. It won’t change the world. It won’t even change our nations. It is, in most cases, which puppet we think we can state to listen to for the next few years.

The only hope for any nation is that the people of faith experience a spiritual renewal and it awake nation shaking revival. This happens at the altar and in the prayer room, not in the halls of congressional hearing and in back rooms of parliament.

As George W. Bush put it once, “Government can give money and can pass laws. However, government can not love and it can not care.” The answer remains changed hearts and not changed laws.

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